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Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Power of the Mind

Color, powerful Color.

About 5 years ago we traveled into Mexico from San Diego. On the way home our friends suggested that we should take a certain back road. What made this particular road so interesting? Several wineries were located along the way.
We stopped into one of the wineries and purchased several bottles of wine and had a lovely picnic in their garden. The winery was also a small Inn. It was owned by a young couple from Holland.

The decor was absolutely breath taking. One of the large public rooms looked more like a family drawing room. Stunning antiques everywhere, fine crystal, valuable paintings, expensive Persian rugs, fabulous flower bouquets, open, airy and elegant.

I noticed a particularly beautiful chair. It was covered in a rich and textured fabric. I took a picture of it and forgot about it.

Fast forward, February 2009. My dining room chairs needed recovering. Not finding anything suitable at our upholsterer's shop he arranged for us to go to a designer showroom. There were thousands upon thousands of fabrics. Gene and I agreed on the same fabric.

The chairs are home now. They looked vaguely familiar. I finally located the 5-year-old picture of the chair from Mexico.

Yes, my chairs are covered in the identical fabric!


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