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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Custom Decorated Hardware - DESIGNED BY YOU

Personalized Drawer Pulls from ghost nest

The oh so very talented decorative painter and designer, Theresa Cheek of Art's The Answer! recently wrote a very interesting post about a San Francisco based company called ghost nest.

Theresa's Drawer Pulls show classic designs embedded within. 

I wanted to try something different and chose images from my hand painted ceramics.

You provide the image and ghost nest will do the rest.  Each personalized drawer knob costs $8.  You can expect to receive them in 2 weeks.

Theresa thought that it might be interesting if I walked you through the process of designing and ordering them.

By the way, these knobs are very difficult to photograph.  The Lucite plays havoc with the design.  In real life the images are much sharper.

How to:

Create an account with ghost nest
Log in with password
Next to ghost nest's logo click on Dreamerator.
Select square or round.
Go to top right of screen and click on Image
Go to left side of screen and click on Select Image
Then select Choose File or Flickr or Facebook or Google
(My images are filed in my computer, so I select Choose File)
Double click on your chosen image
Select Upload and wait for image to appear
Make slight adjustment by placing your image within the dotted red outline
Go to right of screen and click on Buy this Item.

You have now created your one-of-a-kind , your very first decorative, custom designed drawer knob. 

Repeat as often as needed.  But always remember, have fun while you're creating.


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  1. Oh Gina, these turned out fantastic! I love how they look here, and know they are even better in person. Ghost Nest is one of those hidden treasures that can really add a custom touch to your environment. So glad you posted on this!

  2. Dear Theresa, Thank you for introducing us to Ghost Nest. The possibilities are endless. Any time one can interact with a product, it has to be a winner.

  3. Hello Gina,
    am thrilled to have won the baker's dozen bags at MY COUNTRY FRENCH HOME.

    Thank you! And the real gift is being introduced this your incredible website!

  4. Dear Aunty Belle, I am so delighted that you won my Baker's Dozen. They are ready to be shipped as soon as I receive your address from Sharon.
    The pleasure is all mine. In the next few days I will take a little more time getting acquainted with your blogs. Isn't that what we love about blogging, getting to know and admire other bloggers.

  5. we're so glad you love the knobs Gina!!! they look great :)

  6. Hello Reid (Reid Evans, Founder and Owner of Ghost Nest),
    You have created a fine, and at the same time, a practical product. What could be better?

  7. Hi Gina,

    Your designs look wonderful in the Ghost knobs...just got caught up on your enviable trip to Venice...you lucky girl!


  8. Very interesting knobs!
    Living here in a kind of ghost nest....
    I wonder if our poltergeist Kaspar would be pleased with some of them and therefor a bit more restful!

    Wuensche Dir, liebe Gina, einen guten Wochenanfang und Verlauf derselbigen.

    Herzlichen Gruss - Karin

  9. Hello Gina,
    Beautiful drawer pulls! I just became your follower. Your etsy store is great! Now I know what I will do the rest of the evening (Read your blog) yujuu! by the way I live in Utah too (northern)

  10. These are absolutely gorgeous, Gina! How clever of you to use your paintings in them – I imagine they are stunning in person. Have a wonderful new week! xo – g

  11. Dear Karin, Ich denke das Kaspar, dein freundlicher Poltergeist, koennte ein bischen Geselligkeit geniessen.
    Your garden is way ahead of ours and I'm jealous. Must be the sunny French countryside to blame.

  12. Hello Ido, Welcome to my blog. Nice to hear from a fellow Utahn.

  13. Dear Georgianna, I could see your beautiful flower photographs embedded into these wonderful knobs. Maybe an item for your shop?

  14. Dear Jermaine, Great to see you here. Can't wait to see how your garden is awakening this Spring.

  15. You did a very good job at taking photos of them. Thanks for the info!

  16. Dear Francesca, These little knobs are so clever and so much fun to create. I would be happy to make some for you if you want to send me your favorite pictures.

  17. Gina, The drawer pulls are fabulous. Thank you so much for sharing this at my party.
    Take care,

  18. Very pretty!

    Deviantly Domesticated Team

  19. Dear Sherry, When you have a little time you might want to create some of these for yourself. Images of your colorful ceramics incorporated into the desings would be fabulous. I will help get you started.

  20. Hi Emily, thanks for your visit. In real life these lucite drawer pulls are much more beautiful than pictured. Give them a try.

  21. I know that you have so many blog parties to choose from so thank you for choosing Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop. This amazing post added to the party blast! Enjoy the rest of the week :)