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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Holy Toledo

What a Cathedral!

Only this is in Reims, France,
not in Toledo Spain.

Do you see the people in the left bottom corner?  That will give you an idea of its enormous size.

Reims is just a 2 hour drive east of Paris,
in the famous Champagne Region of France.

Have you ever wondered how they work on those tall Cathedral Spires?

As you enter Reims, you are welcomed by an Ancient Triumphal Arch, The Porte de Mars, 115 feet long and 43 feet tall.

A few kilometers South and West of Reims, in
Épernay, you will find the famous champagne house of

Moët & Chandon. 

While visiting there, you might also want to purchase a few bottles of  Perrier-Jouët.

Many stately buildings line the streets of Épernay.

Yes, please, I'll take all of them!

The night before our departure we like to stay near but not at one of the airport hotels. 

Only 30 minutes from CDG airport we discovered the beautiful and medieval town of Senlis with Roman Gallo Walls and the lovely Hostellerie de la Porte-Bellon.

The Hotel has ample parking, a lovely Garden Restaurant, beautiful rooms, fantastic breakfasts and in the evening, fine dining. 

This may have been our best trip ever, but still, it is great to be back home.



  1. Welcome home! Love the photos and I would have definitely drank my way through this charming town :)!! I did not get the warning today, all is well at Ginaland once more. xo

  2. Hi Barbara, would love to answer your comment but can't in Google. Maybe it will be fixed soon. Thank you for letting me know that the old message does not show up anymore. What a releif.

  3. Your blog is without a doubt the most beautiful one I have come across. Each and every post I've read is a winner.
    That cathedral puts us to shame these days: they didn't have equipment like the lifting gear you show. They had dedication and perseverance. Still, the sparkling golden champers chairs gave me a lsugh. Sense of humour is worth a lot too I suppose.

  4. Wonderful impressions from Reims and the Cathedral. Beautiful details. Amazing !

  5. What stunning photos, as always, Gina. I love the contrast between Reims cathedral and the ultra-modern interior of Moet. This brought back such happy memories of Reims, where we visited Veuve Cliquot as well as the cathedral. Trust you managed to ship home some liquid treasure?

  6. Dear muted Palette,

    What a lovely comment. Thenk you so much.

  7. Hi Seraphina, Thank you. You are all so generous.

  8. Dear Karen, Arent those chairs (almost) over the top? All we could manage were a few printed (expensive) aprons for our friends.

  9. Dear Gina,
    So good to have you back!

    Beautiful images, beautiful details and...just good!
    Santé !

    Herzlichen Gruss und ein schoenes Wochenende,

  10. Hi Gina!

    Stunning cathedral! Lovely photos.
    I am looking forward to sharing the details of your trip and seeing the countries through your eyes.

    Did you have the perfect weather that we experienced also?

  11. Dear Karin, It's so nice to be welcomed back with such kind words from such a special friend. Thank you Karin!

  12. Dear Ann, Wasn't the weather perfect! It is often the case in September. I do have a few more pictures to share. And, speaking of pictures, loved your post and pictures of your stay at La Pouyette.

  13. Hi Gina, Oh, my, your photos got me dreaming of France again. And I love the recommendation of that hotel near CDG. What a great find.

    So glad you had a wonderful time and so glad to have you back here. :)

    xo – g

  14. Dear Georgianna, your last photos of Giverny are the most stunning I have ever seen.
    You will like Senlis, it is a real jewel with lots of history and charm. And the Porte Bellon is the perfect place to rest before flying home. Gina

  15. beautiful photos, and amazing trip.

  16. Hi Francesca, It is always nice of you to stop by. I love visiting your country.