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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Yellow is not allowed

Yellow Flowers are not allowed in my Garden.

I make exceptions for Sunflowers.

Beans are looking good.

New Basil and new Cilantro growing. It finally dawned on me that seeding them in July is perfect.
In the past they would bolt before the tomatoes were ripe.

Shade carrot seeds under boards, germination will be almost 100 percent.

All colors, but yellow,  are allowed in my garden. 

It's because my house is yellow.

Happy Sunday to you
my dear
Blogging Friends.



  1. Dear Gina - I was just wondering why you did not allow yellow flowers, I know you have mentioned it before.
    Everything is looking luxuriant, lots of tasty morsels coming through the ground.
    Something has been along the tops of all our runner beans and snipped them off, we are not very happy.

  2. As always, everything thought out to the most perfect detail, Gina. So much beauty and so much inspiration! Wishing you a wonderful new week. xoxo

  3. Dear Rosemary, For some reason, yellow flowers are always too bright next to our house. I prefer blues and lavenders and rose and peach. I read once that blue flowers are the most common color. I think it's yellow. They show up everywhere and where I don't want them.
    I'm sorry that you will not have runner beans this year. I know how you feel. I wouldn't mind replanting but often that is not feasable, our growing seasons are too short.

  4. Dear Georgianna, you give me too much credit. Vegetables do grow best in rows but for the rest, I am a haphazard gardener. Good thing that we live in the country and I can scatter seeds here and there and hope for the best. Thenk you for your visit and wishing you lots of inspiration this week.

  5. Thanks for the explanation, Gina — I was beginning to wonder why! And it makes perfect aesthetic sense to want a beautiful contrast.

  6. Dear Mark, I know that I'm being picky. All flowers are beautiful and I actually like yellow flowers in a vase in my house. But for some reason they don't work with the yellow stucco. Have a great week.

  7. Gina, the photos in the post really present a summer festival of color. I am sure that your painter's eye is enriched by all those flowers...and the vegetables, too.


  8. Dear Frances, This is my favorite time of the year...when I can go outside and raid my garden for bouquets to bring inside and vegetables to prepare meals. Thank you for stopping by.

  9. What a wonderful well laid out herb and veggi garden.
    How great to be able to just pick them and add fresh herbs to your meals.
    Now I know why you dont like yellow flowers to grow in your garden..
    Beautiful photos Gina.
    wishing you a good week
    val xx

  10. Dear Val, No matter how hard I try yellow flowers sneak into my garden now and then. Some I don't mind, depends on their size. Growing vegetables is great but then they mature all at once andthen I have to go to work and figure out a way to preserve all of this abundance.

  11. Ah, the bane of the gardener: what to plant, what variety to plant and as you have decided, what looks best next to the house! Well done.
    One of my previous homes was Colonial Blue (actually the color looked grey to me!) and I found every color of flowers/shrubs and vegetables/fruits looked great! Now I have just bought a Lime Hydrangea in a tree form (my house now is cocoa brown. I like the contrast of the colors!

    Mary in Oregon

  12. Well, of course , being an artist, you use the complimentary colors of blues and lavenders to play off of the yellow of your house! One day, I will see it in person!


  13. Hello Mary, Sounds like you have found the perfect color combination to show off your flowers AND your house.

  14. Dear Theresa, Yes you will. And I look forward to your visit. Have a great remainder of the week.

  15. What a neat post! Ilove cilantro in my garden, too. Mixed with some sea salt, it's perfect for corn!

  16. Hello Andrea, What a great idea. Another use for cilantro. And thank you for your visit and comment.

  17. Looks like your garden is going wonderfully well and I love the mosaic of garden flower colour. One of these days I will have more time to grow vegetables. Have a wonderful week. I am linking up to you through Mosaic Monday.

  18. Hello Jill and welcome. I'm so glad that you stopped by. You might start with a few tomato plants...they are so rewarding and they take little space and time.