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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Three Hares

My lovely friend Rosemary of 
recently wrote a fascinating post entitled 
Optical Illusions. 


Even though there are three rabbits there are only a total of 3 ears, yet each rabbit shows a full compliment of ears, namely two each. 

Since childhood I was fascinated with this design. 

More than forty years ago, my Father, a Master Woodcarver, carved this belt buckle for me. 

 I used to slide different color suede leather belts through the back.  

Sometimes I slide a piece of fabric through it. 
Carving this design out of walnut wood is very difficult...especially delicate parts such as the ears. Often weak areas will break just about the time the piece is finished. 

My Father also carved this belt buckle for me.  It came in handy to cover up repair work on this wooden chandelier.  

My Father and I collaborated on many pieces.

One of four legs to a chess table.

One of two bases for a glass topped coffee table.  

I always told my Pappa that he did the best work for me.  

For Rosemary's full post please 
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Have a wonderful week my dear 
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  1. This post, dear Gina, is even more heartwarming. How lucky you are to have such fine pieces handmade by your Papa. His workmanship
    was superb and your home is so perfect to hold these treasures. I love your wooden chandelier and of course both buckles. Thank you for sharing your father's work. The design of the three hares is so intriguing and clever. Have a great week, Sieglinde

    1. Dear Sieglinde, My Father's carving style was very original. He believed in letting the chisel marks tell the rest of the story. I am so lucky to have so many of his pieces.

  2. Dear Gina - Thank you so much for showing us the really attractive three hare buckle made for you by your father. I seem to recall that he came from East Prussia and I think that is reflected in both his technique and style. What very special tangible treasures he has left you.
    I am pleased that my post gave us the opportunity to see his work.

    1. Dear Rosemary, Yes, our family came from East Prussia. My Father's carving style was probably influenced by his early teachers. The only time he used sandpaper to smooth out his work was when he turned pieces on a lathe.

  3. A very interesting post Gina.
    How uncanny that Rosemary wrote her post. And you have the same rabbits made by your most clever artisan father.
    What a lovely buckle.
    I confess. I have never seen these rabbits or know of them.
    I am off to read Rosemary's post.
    wishing you a wonderful week.
    val xxx

    1. Dear Val, You will love Rosemary's brain teaser. Her post is a clever one. Rosemary is always full of interesting and clever and often beautiful ideas.
      To me the rabbits are the most clever and wonderful. Wouldn't it be exciting to have been right there when the thought came to this artist fourteen hundred years ago.

  4. Dear Gina, I truly appreciate your posts. Each one show a style of living that is gracious, elegant, but humble. The photos of the children were heart tugging. Yes, you are fortunate to have so many meaningful things in your life. But I think whatever you looked at or touched would have meaning for you. Thank you for being a special YOU and sharing yourself.

    1. Dear Barbara, You give me too much credit. You are very nice and I appreciate you taking the time to visit my blog and also take the time to comment.
      I've been thinking about you and wondering how you are coming along with your new artistic endeavor.

  5. Hi Gina,

    I have seen this three hare emblem before in the church at Long Melford, UK

    Go to Lilbitbrit Blogspot post on Long Melford dated 11-18-12 labelled under England, you can see photos there of this on the Stained Glass window.

    Some like to think that this depicts the Trinity, but this symbol has been found on Buddhist Cave near Duanhang in China dated 600 AD and actually goes back further to ancient Babylon.

    I was interested in your post.


    1. Hello Christy, Thank you for your visit and interesting additional information about the 3 Hares. As Rosemary pointed out this design is very old and no doubt many more images do exist.

  6. Dear Gina,

    Your father's work makes me smile for its wonderful character and charm. What a talented person he was! My guess is that he was a great influence on you, not just in observing beauty, but also in seeing a job through until it was just right.

    1. Dear Mark, you are correct in that my Father insisted that I finish whatever I have started. When I was much younger some of my projects took way too long and I would abandon them. But with age, as in wine, I improved somewhat.

  7. What treasures you have! I love how you are able to incorporate them into your daily life. We should all surround ourselves only with pieces that tell part of the story of our life.

    1. Dear Theresa, I remember seeing many beautiful photographs of your vignettes in your home which tell part of your story of your life.

  8. Interesting - interesting! Love the base for the glass top table, made by your father!

    1. Dear Karin, The base you see is one of two. I don't use them as a glass table anymore...my friends were always bumping into them. They are so heavy, they don't give and have left a few scars. But they have found a new purpose.