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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

We're coming up in the world.

We don't have many things.

But we have a new soda fountain and ice cream parlor. 

Scribbled on the blackboard is my motto
"Life is short eat desert first". 

The Ice cream parlor opened the same day the winners of the plein air competition were announced.  

Above is the  painting that took 1st place
and which garnered a $2,000 prize. 

2nd place winner $1,000.

3rd place winner $500.

There are many rules which apply and must be strictly followed by Artists who participate in the plein air competition. 

Rules require that artists paint outdoors. 

After the judging, all paintings are for sale. 
Friends of ours bought this painting for their country house. 

There was something for everyone.

My walking partner, Sophie Soprano, entered this painting. 

This Art Critique looks familiar. 

On the last day of the event, the Artist Studio Tour was part of the celebration.

 This bowl was the last piece out of my kiln and the first piece to sell.

It was a glorious day. 

Artists walked away, a few pennies richer.

Many visitors came and went.  

Our town is back to normal. 

I wonder if the ice cream parlor will survive.  

We stopped in and chose a BYU Creamery
 (Brigham Young University) 
chocolate ice cream.  

We will be back for more.  

Have a great week dear friends, 



  1. Gina, thanks for showing us this report of a beautiful weekend event.

    Ice cream parlors have pretty much vanished from around here, not exactly replaced by gelato shops offering vastly over priced scoops. I am delighted to see that your area has this marvelous feature. I would try a two scoop cone, to sample several flavors!

    The plein aire paintings are beautiful and definitely show that you all have a unique light (as each location does.)

    The purchaser of your three fishes dish now owns a beautiful creation. Hoping that many other items were sold from your open studio.

    Thank you also for the update on the bovine cousins. May this week's weaning be easy for each of them. xo

  2. Dear Frances, I tried a one scoop chocolate ice cream cone. It will be 2 scoops next time.

    We had 91 artists participating in the plein air event. Amazing for a little town which is not known to many including those who live in our state.

    I had a very excellent day and most of all it was gratifying to see so many people make themselves at home once they arrived.

    I have not had the heart to take Liesel totally off formula. I have just reduced the amount. I am such a softy.

  3. Wow, Gina, the last photograph is a winner!

    1. Hello Maywyn,
      It's our view to the west from the terrace. Thank you for stopping by.

  4. Yes, I recognise him too - and how very suitably attired he is for the occasion.
    There is a fairly new Italian ice cream parlour in my youngest sons town, and it has proven to be a big hit, even during the winter months. If the ice cream is good people will buy.
    The fish bowl you created is gorgeous, why I am not suprised that it sold straight away?

    1. Dear Rosemary, It will take many visitors to make this venture a profitable one. Our town just isn't big enough to make a go of it.
      I am so pleased that you like my fish bowl...all of the little lines were painted in ...it looks time consuming but isn't.

  5. Looks like my long comment on the festival didn't show up here Gina! Did write and said how lovely everything looked - and the art critic was certainly dressed so stylishly for the celebration!

    1. Dear Mary, Sometimes our computers have a will of their own. That silk shirt Mr G is wearing has seen many years of wear. I remember the day he bought it.... in Acapulco Mexico.

  6. I am not at all surprised that your piece sold quickly, stunning! Yes, I do think that I recognize the art critique in your photo, love the shirt! The paintings are all delightful, and yet I must say the one done by your friend Sophie, is really intriguing, I like it very much! Every little town should have a fountain and ice cream parlor...I am thrilled that your little town now has one...enjoy~

    1. Dear Mary, You would love Sophie Soprano's paintings. They are so full of life and charming ways of yesteryear. My favorite painting is one that got away. It depicts a piglet on a bicycle holding an umbrella with crowds cheering on the sideline.