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Monday, November 28, 2016

Come along with me

and visit my backyard.

We began our Journey from Spring City, our home in Central Utah,
heading south. 

Our first stop, 2 hours down the street.  Capitol Reef National Park.

Nearby is the historic town of Fruita (1883-1941)
The residents of Fruita planted many fruit and nut trees. 
Over 3,000 fruit trees are still producing heirloom fruits. 

The public is welcome to pick during the fruit harvest from June through September. 


Our next stop is Goblin Valley State Park, central Utah.

Can you see the little Goblins?

 Heading south after staying overnight in Hanksville. 
Try not to stay there.  
The wind was howling and ripped at our roof.  
The noise made it impossible to sleep.  

Our little Lucy hid under the bed covers.  

Heading south toward Monument Valley.  
We are leaving the "Valley of the Gods" for another time.
I hear it's beautiful. 

Just before the Valley of the Gods you will have the adventure of a lifetime.

You will be introduced to the most treacherous road you have ever been on.  But Oh how breathtaking.  Once begun you can not turn around.  

It's the dreaded "Moki Dugway 3 miles gravel switchbacks"

If you have survived Moki (there is an alternate route) you have an easy drive to Monument Valley. 

You might recall that 12 western movies (5 movies with John Wayne alone) were shot in Monument Valley.The last movie was shot in 2008.

Straddling the Utah/Arizona border you will find the amazingly beautiful Monument Valley and the 
home of the proud Navajo Indian Nation. 

We stayed at the historic Goulding's Lodge.

From here you can take many tours all guided by Native Americans.  

3rd morning, heading back home.

 We stopped in at the Bluff Fort Museum in Bluff, Utah. 

The sign reads "Wagons donated from Germany",
 would like to know the rest of the story.  

Cabin of the Blacksmith. 

I'm not so sure about that.  
I think that it would have gone up in flames on the very first day.  


Still going north we headed for Moab and the La Quinta. 
A dog friendly hotel where you will meet the nicest people. 

Moab has changed.  
Here are some adventures you can participate in: River rafting, Hummer safaris, Mountain Biking, Sunset Tours, hiking Tours, Zipline and Ropes, Flights, Horseback, Jetboat, Jeep Rentals AND

Tango Lessons. 

This morning we are heading home.  200 miles to go, 
 the first 160 miles with no services.  Better gas up.

Happy Trails to you.  



  1. Dear Gina, I loved reading your descriptions of your trip and seeing the excellent photographs. You've helped remind me of what a vast country we both live in. xo

    1. Dear Frances, You are so right. We live in a vast and beautiful country. Now that you are retired why not come and visit with us. There is plenty of room all around us.

  2. Dear Gina,
    these natural formations are quite splendid and the little goblins are too cute. I am so pleased, however, you
    made the treacherous 3 mile road safely with your excellent Mr. G. at the steering wheel.
    Stay warm, Sieglinde

    1. Dear Sieglinde, I have always wanted to see the Goblin Valley. It is an easy place to visit. Thee are more than forty steps down into the valley. I felt right at home amongst them. They are about my size.

      I would not have gone with anyone else down that treacherous Moki trail. I was in panic mode for the entire 3 miles. I could barely look at the scenery and taking pictures was out of the question.

  3. Replies
    1. Hello Lady Fi and thank you for your visit and thank you also for your nice comment.

  4. Beautiful tour of the place. Very scenic.

    1. Hello Rajesh, Yes, the scenery is majestic, a place never to be forgotten. Thank you for your visit.

  5. Replies
    1. Hello Photo Cache, One of the best reasons to visit this area is to take photographs when one does not have to worry about anyone getting in the way. It might even get a little lonely.

  6. Thanks for your little tour, loved it!

    1. Hello Lynne, Thanks for stopping by. Three to four days is just about right for a first visit.

  7. Dear Gina - I must try and make it to your backyard one day - the rocky landscape and its dramatic colouring is stunning

    1. Dear Rosemary, And when you do come this way you can count on a home away from home.

  8. Replies
    1. Hello Lady Fi, To experience the scenery in person is truly a gift from Nature.

  9. Looks like a place I'd love to see... my bucket keeps getting longer. lol

    1. Daniel LaFrance, Hope you get to see this wonderful land of color and majesty. As a fine photographer, you especially, would enjoy this part of our great American scenery.

  10. So cool! I would love to do a similar roadtrip! That capture of the goblins is impressive. I want to visit the National Parks in Utah but I do not want to omit the state parks. #OurWordTuesday

    1. Hello Ruth, Thank you for your visit. There is so much to see in our state of Utah that it would take many trips to see it all. But some of the National Parks are a good beginning.

  11. Oh I missed the journey, and I am so thankful that I slipped back to older posts. This makes me want very much to get in the car, pack up the dogs and make a journey West. Hoping that these places will continue to be protected so that others can see them one day in person. I am thinking that snow travel would stop me along the way, and so we await next September when we are thinking a journey will be awaiting us following two years of no vacation to speak of~

    1. Dear Mary, Hope you get to travel soon. Have you thought of coming this way in the Spring. The scenery will be spectacular.
      Isn't it wonderful that we can now travel with our dogs. More and more places accept them now. All of us, who love our four legged creatures, hate to leave them behind. We are lucky in that our little Brittany is well behaved and loves to travel. She does not like, however, steep mountains on each side of the road. Other than that she is a perfect companion.