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Saturday, June 17, 2017


A small town in the Alentejo of Portugal
known for fine needlepoint rugs and tapestries. 

The traditional cross stitch method, embroidered onto a canvas frame is what makes these pieces of art so unusual.  Surprisingly enough they are very sturdy and long lasting. 

Arraiolos is located 13 miles north of Evora and 80 miles east of Lisbon.

Images from the very small but very excellent Museum in Arraiolos. 

Designs and color combinations are endless.

These beautiful rugs have been woven since the 16th century. 

A very large rug brought in for repairs. 

Speaking of repairs.

While visiting Portugal almost forty years ago, we purchased this Arraiolos rug. 

It was custom made for a very long hallway in our previous home.  

If you look closely you will see that it is now cut into two halves. 

I cut the middle out of the rug.  
It was a certain color of wool that didn't hold up to the heavy hall traffic.  

The rest of the rug is still in great condition
(remarkable after so many years). 

I will have the two pieces bound and will enjoy them for a few more years. 

These fellas are willing participant.  

Making the famous Arraiolo rugs and tapestries is a cottage industry.  

Almost all of the 30,000 inhabitants of Arraiolos are involved in the making of these beautiful rugs. 

While visiting this Spring we purchased the above rug.  
Unlike other rugs these are easily folded into a suitcase. 

And that is why we traveled to Portugal.  
We needed a new rug.  

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  1. Beatiful needlework Gina, and such an interesting variety of styles and colourways. It is lovely that you purchased a beautiful rug to take home - I always enjoy little momentos from places that I have visited.

    1. Dear Rosemary, You are so right. That is always part of the fun...to bring home a few souvenirs. And when they are practical to boot, then, you have momentous that will last you a lifetime.

  2. How gorgeous the rug she is working on in that first photo Gina! So long since I did counted cross stitch - and never on a large item such as a rug - now I just wish my eyesight was better for sewing and embroidery etc., it's very frustrating when it's even hard to thread a needle!

    Love your older rug - that's such a good idea to preserve it that way. The new one is also lovely - wish you had been with me in Portugal last year, I could have used your artistic eye to find things I might have been able to stuff into my suitcase too!

    Mary x

    1. Dear Mary, I would have loved to have been with you in Portugal. Not that you need any help in selecting beautiful things.
      We noticed several women working in rug shops repairing older rugs. I was fascinated that the wools were dyed so perfectly that you could not tell the new from the old.

  3. Dear Gina,
    how interesting that your Arraiolos rug lasted this long. It is also clever to cut the worn part out and give it
    another chance to be seen and enjoyed.
    Hugs, Sieglinde

    1. Dear Sieglinde, I was so lucky that the worn part was right in the middle of the rug. It was not from wear but caused by the weakness of that particular color of wool. Arraiolos rugs are very sturdy, surprisingly. And then, the town is most charming. it is also near two very beautiful Pousadas, Estremous and