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Saturday, August 26, 2017

It has to weigh less than 20 pounds

This is what I pack for a 2 week trip to Italy. 

A super thin silk skirt and cotton blend top.

Lightweight Pendleton slacks and very thin cotton blouse.

A super thin woolen skirt and cotton blend top.

A very thin silk tunic dress to be worn with leggings and ballet flats.

A very light weight cashmere turtle neck sweater and another very thin woolen skirt.  It looks heavy but you can almost see through it.

I wear this top with leggings.  
This is probably the outfit I will wear on the plane.  
The top is probably the single most heavy item in my suitcase. 

Just in case the days are warm.

However, I mostly wear dark colors because we are traveling in late September/early October.

Cotton top and Pendleton cotton pants.

This is my favorite dress made of silk crepe de chine.  It has been on many trips.
(it looks better on). 

Cashmere blend top and cotton pants.

Another superlight cashmere sweater.  

A couple of belts, 3 scarves, My hat, my pearls, my old shoulder bag and my little cross body bag. 

3 pairs of shoes, a few unmentionables, and 
a zippered tote bag to take onto the plane.  It holds camera, books, toiletries, small l Pad, 
GPS and related gadgets. 

And Mr G, my husband of 53 years.  

What I don't take:
Rain gear, sneakers, new shoes, new clothes.

That's it folks. 



  1. Stunning outfits! Look sooo Italian. But any space for a new item bought onsite? I maybe take 1/6th but I will never look as chic. Good ideas for future trips though :))

    1. Hello Parisbreakfast, You may have noticed that several items are duplicates. So there is always some room left for a small purchase. My choices are made so that pieces mix and match and most importantly, that they layer. After more than forty trips to Europe I have noticed that I wear one particular outfit more than others. If it rains every day, then, I'm in trouble. More than once we have come back with a new umbrella.

  2. So many outfits! And all so elegant too. You would be shocked at my holiday wardrobe which usually includes various hiking trousers, jeans and leggings; lots of long/short/no-sleeved tops and tunics for layering and just one patterned long jersey skirt for evenings in restaurants. And walking boots and a rain coat. And a thick sweater or fleece.

    1. Hello Celia, I would not be shocked at your holiday wardrobe. Your wardrobe speaks of lots of adventure and fun.
      We may go on several spaziergangs on easy mountain trails but that is the extend of our exercise. We like driving to out-of-the-way little villages, admiring beautiful architecture and looking for a good place to have lunch. There was a time when we packed for skiing trips in the mountains. Packing then was a challenge.

  3. You will definitely look amazing and stylish in these lovely outfits Gina. I really admire your choice of skirts, the zebra print wow! I haven't been wearing mine for some time and must freshen them up for some fall outfits when I can wear them with leggings and short boots.
    The LBD always so useful, but that paisley crépe de chine is gorgeous and I'd love to see you wearing it! Your red beret is so attractive, and that stunning grey cashmere sweater will certainly be useful on cooler days.

    Gina, I love how you have one of your paintings on your canvas bag - so you!!!!
    I'll be writing before you leave OXOX

    1. Dear Mary, Getting ready for a trip is half the fun. My paisley dress was made for me by our local seamstress. I had a favorite skirt and a favorite blouse from different designers and she used them as pattern. When packing for a trip I always take those pieces that weigh very little.

  4. Dear Gina - you are a very stylish lady - what lovely combinations - love the scarf to the right of the chair, and your hat looks great fun too.

    1. Dear Rosemary, My red hat has a long story. It always gets me into trouble because it is embellished with metal dots. Security always has to look at it so I pack it on the very top in my suitcase. The red scarf was a lucky purchase from a catalog...many, many years ago.

  5. ahhh...lucky you! Looks like you are very organized - enjoy the trip!

    1. Hi Patti, It does help to be organized when trying to get everything into one small roller bag. Thanks for your visit.

  6. Dear Gina,
    since we r a r e l y get to see y o u on your blog it is a pleasure to imagine you in the very elegant combinations you have selected for your trip. I love them all but particularly the thin woolen skirt in the 3rd
    photo and the cashmere blend top with cotton pants. Hope you had lots of visitors during the Studio Tour.
    Warmest greetings, Sieglinde

    1. Dear Sieglinde, I purchased that skirt in one of my favorite shops in the Italian Dolomites many years ago. It is also the shop where I have purchased all of my hand knit sweaters. The paisley cashmere sweater is from Ralph Lauren. I like their sweaters because they all have a little shape to them.
      The Studio Tour was another big success. But most of all it was wonderful to see old and new friends.

  7. What a fun post. I LOVE your favorite dress, just beautiful. I always have the worst time choosing how many items, weather changes can happen going from sunny Florida for me to visit my youngest daughter and then travel home in Winter to possible snow. Italy is my one place out of the country, other than Canada that is a dream destination for me. Mainly out in the countryside, like Tuscany. I hope you have a great and very safe journey~

  8. How sweet of you Mary. We also like spending time in the countryside. That is why we always rent a car so we can stop and go wherever we like. Making packing decisions is easy for me. I only choose the pieces that are as light as possible yet give me a lot of warmth when needed.