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Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Kitchen is like many other kitchens

It has the typical assortment of cabinets and other

A lot of cooking, baking and canning takes place in this kitchen.

And there is one corner that holds a secret.

It hides my 25 year old washer and dryer.

That stick, with the bicycle hook attached to the end, is for reaching down into the machine to retrieve my laundry.  I designed this washer and dryer cabinet for a NEW front loading washer but this darn old thing will not give up the ghost. 
Now, every household should have a stick such as this.  It is very handy.

This Miele ironing machine only rolls into my kitchen twice a year.

Great for large tablecloths and the many napkins we use throughout the year.

For the remainder of the year the ironing machine stays tucked away in the closet.  That is what I like about this machine, it folds up to the size of a vacuum cleaner.

 When this corner table is not stacked with newly ironed linens it serves as my Studio.  My corner studio where I paint ceramics.

My kitchen also has a large table in the center.  A table where friends are recruited to help cook, cutting up vegetables from the garden and where we have had many a casual candlelight dinner.  

So you see, my kitchen is not just any ole kitchen

Have a great weekend my dear Blogging Friends


Friday, January 21, 2011

Monday is Wash Day, Tuesday is Ironing Day

That is the way it was in our home
Every female had to take turns ironing

In my home I iron by the kitchen window
Where orchids are blooming in the middle of winter

Where I can see who is coming down the lane

I don't iron by hand, I have a Miele ironing machine

When not in use it sits in a broom closet
and unfolds and snaps into place when I need it

And then it goes to work
All I have to do is step on the foot pedal and guide the cloth through the machine

I only iron twice a year
Mostly napkins

I paint many of my napkins.  This one is hand  block printed with acrylic paints and shapes cut from old computer mouse pads

Even large and fancy tablecloths are a snap

Wish you could have one too

Happy weekend, my dear blogging Friends


Therese Long of the fine Blog La Dolfina is looking for an Ironride for her Mother.   Her readers would like to see a tutorial.  The above is on a different machine but I think that all are very similar.