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Friday, October 19, 2012

The perfect Ferienhaus in the Perigueux

This perfect Vacation House sits in the beautiful countryside of the famous Perigueux region of France.

It is owned by Karin and Ron known to us from the very special blog "La Pouyette".

Every nook, every corner holds a unique and beautiful surprise.

  Interiors are elegant and rustic at the same time.

 Small meandering roads take you through the peaceful countryside and charming villages.  The perfect places to just "follow your nose" and let the GPS get you back on track when you're ready.

Where empty and stately manor houses appear at every turn. 
And where hidden farm houses, offer Foie Gras made by the prideful owner using his most secret recipe.   A short stop at the local Boulangerie every morning completes the Picnic.
Where ancient stone walls, covered with lichen, mark ancient boundaries. 
And if you take the smaller highways you might run into a Brocante or two.
My goodness, only three Euros, of course it's now mine. 

The La Pouyette Ferienhaus is replete with everything a traveler could wish for.  Nothing is missing.  Everything is perfect. 
Karin's  'almost black'  rose.
It was a special joy to watch Karin prepare dinner for us in her ancient farm house kitchen.  I was admiring and marveling at Karin's considerable skill and efficiency in her kitchen.  No wonder, amongst her many talents, such as collecting fine Antiques, restoring ancient farm houses, Interior Designer,  Karin also owned and operated a restaurant in Germany. 
La Pouyette is the perfect place to use as home base while visiting the Dordogne of France.  
Did I tell you that it also has a swimming pool? 
Thank You Karin and Ron.    
Happy travels my dear
Blogging Friends.


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