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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Every now and then

I fall back on the training I received in the Old Country. 
My father decided that I should become a
Topographic Draftsman.  

Maiolica is painted with a soft and very pliable brush with powder pigments which are mixed with water.  

Painting precise lines with this type of brush is not easy.  But I wondered how it would look.

Normally, I don't paint this way.  

This kind of draftsmanship is usually not the desired result for Delft or Maiolica.

Do you see the difference.  It is much looser. This is the way Maiolica/Maioliche/Delft/Majolika  (all the same) should be painted.  The lines are drawn freehand and no rulers are used.  

Most of the time I like to give my brush free reign.  And, although I like the look of blue and white in ceramics, I most often paint with many colors.  

Do you have a preference? 

Have a great week my dear friends.  


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

We have Friends

Very talented Friends

Recently we attended an Art Exhibit featuring well known Artist Susan Gallacher

As often happens, when you have been married for 47 years, we independently picked the very same painting as our favorite 

Now it so happens that Susan is a very good friend.  On weekends, Susan lives in her charming, turn-of-the-century country house

And, Susan was in need of a kitchen mural for her newly remodelled kitchen

Exchanges like that happen in our little town

This is my reproduction of an original painted by a Dutch artist in the 18th century

It is believed that it might have been used as a shop sign by a Dutch Flower Seller

Susan thinks that it is perfect for her kitchen and we love our new painting

Good Will abounds in our little town
For an entire winter Gene helped our local Sheep Rancher feed more than 800 head of sheep.  That represents lifting many heavy bales of hay. 
Beef Pot Roasts keep appearing at our front door.

In winter, after a snow storm, I don't see much of Gene
He's visiting all over town with his beloved Ford Jubilee Tractor, digging and moving mountains of snow
A thank you is all he needs to make him happy

Have you made a memorable exchange?