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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Hero lives in our house

Charlie saved Lucy

Last evening, Lucy, our Brittany, disappeared behind the barn. When it was time to come back into the house, neither Charlie nor Lucy responded to the whistle.

Then Charlie came to the corner of the barn and stood there, would not come. Then he disappeared behind the barn again. This was repeated several times until it dawned on Gene that something was wrong.

Lucy was choking and in distress. Her collar was caught in a roll of chicken wire and she could not free herself. Luckily Gene was wearing his hunting knife. He had to cut her collar to get her out. If it had not been for Charlie disobeying Gene we would not have found Lucy in time.

Charlie, our dog from the Police Station

He was found wandering near a small town. No one claimed him. We loved him from the start. He has been living with us, on the farm, for more than eight years. He loves cowboys and trucks. He loves to herd all animals; sometimes sheep and cows and sometimes chickens. When he hears thunder and lightning, he disappears. That is probably how he got lost in the first place.

Charlie is our Hero



  1. oh. Made me very emotional. These animals, they are something, aren't they. What a sweetheart he is, your charlie. I am so happy Lucy is ok. (that was the name of my first and only cat -- she is buried here in the hill, she passed away at 17 after we moved here.

    So glad Gene had his knife and that Charlie gave a signal.

  2. Hi Diana, Yes these animals are something. They surprise us don't they? So much smarter than we give them credit.

    Don't you think that Charlie looks a bit like Max. And how is Max?

    No doubt, Lucy your cat, had a fabulous life, roaming around in your beautiful hills in Italy.


  3. Hi Francesca, Charlie is a good dog. He must have had a very good home before he was given to us. I would love to know what his life was like. For a long time he was trying to find his old home. That was so sad. Now he is settled and happy to be with us.