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Thursday, November 6, 2014

The last of the last.

The last.

The last flowers from my garden.

 The last group of portrait tiles for a special commission.

The last of the "open" water. Our pond will soon freeze over. 

The last group of hundreds of tiles I have already painted. 

Ready to go into the kiln. 

The last of the bougainvillea.  

Snow is coming.

Have a wonderful remainder of the week, 
my dear friends. 



  1. Gina, the colors in those final flowers and your portrait tiles are so joyous! I also loved the colors in your view of the pond, before it receives its frozen topping.

    We've got lots of rain here today, which makes the air a little too chilly for my liking. Still...I hope that no snow arrives here for a while, and yet look forward to the beautiful frosty photographs I am sure you will be sharing with us.


    1. Dear Frances, Nature is the best painter of them all. I never get tired of watching our pond. Always, there are new colors, new wild life and resident fowl that keep us entertained.
      Soon we will all have to bundle up. But for now we can still enjoy going for long walks.

  2. Gina, the tiles are beautiful...you are so talented. Love the color filled photo of the ducks on the pond.
    Have a wonderful rest of the week.

    1. Thank you Marigene. It is so nice of you to stop by for a visit. Thank you also for your lovely compliment.

  3. Dear Gina,

    You must be excited to finally be wrapping up the tile project, and what a monumental project it's been. I still hope we get to see the installation and final result!

    1. Dear Mark, You know how it is. No matter how we enjoy working on a large project, there comes a time when one is ready to see it completed. I have seen a few photographs of the tiles installed in the riding arena. The horse arena is so very large and my tiles are spread far and wide. Who knows I might just have to come for a visit to Florida and see for myself.

  4. Such beautiful designs on your tiles..
    Another year coming to an end Gina.. I have seen your pond like it is now and with the snow.
    The cold is coming here too.. raining today.
    wishing you a happy weekend.
    val x

    1. Dear Val, This past Summer and Fall just flew by. Now comes the long Winter. Parts of it I really like but mostly I'm already thinking about Spring Flowers. Maybe it's because I just planted another sack full of Tulip bulbs.
      I can tell that your climate is more moderate. Your late Roses are still so beautiful.

  5. Dear Gina,
    It makes me happy to see these tiles with so many lovely women painted on them. They turned out beautifully and I surely hope you will have a chance to see them installed. Your pond is such a wonderful sight any time of the year, but these fall colors you managed to capture are splendid.
    Warmest greetings, Sieglinde

    1. Dear Sieglinde, A few more "portrait" tiles have to be painted and then I have completed this project. I have truly enjoyed painting these tiles because I have been given so much freedom in the design process. To see them installed I will have to take a trip to Florida. That is probably a good idea, especially since we are heading for colder weather here in the high desert.
      Soon our pond will be all white and so will be the fields. I'm thinking about warm ocean breezes.