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Monday, February 23, 2015

I sailed with a Princess.

On the high seas

and found in the Leonardo Da Vinci Dining Room


And one of his sweet Putto.

We dined in the Botticelli Dining Room.

The ceiling.

A little bit like Las Vegas, you say?

More Marble on the Floors. 

And more than 3,000 Passengers!

No, we didn't sink.

Now you know where we sailed.

Do you?


Wishing you sunshine and happy colors every single day. 


Thursday, February 12, 2015

Happy Day.

A happy day yesterday when I discovered a few blooms in my garden. 

All of a sudden

Snowdrops are blooming in little clumps. 

And so are Hellebores.

Hellebores look so fragile.

But they push themselves right through the ice and snow. 

Who needs roses when one can have Snowdrops and Hellebores.

But then, why not have it all.

Happy blossom discovery days to you my 
dear Friends. 



Monday, February 9, 2015

Friends stopped by.

And brought California Sunshine 

to this dreary Utah landscape. 

Clementines, how can anything be this wrinkly yet be so delicious!

I know the exact tree.  I have stood under it many times,
picking and eating to my heart's content.  

Thank you dear friends for growing and taking care of your beautiful orange grove and thank you also for bringing sunshine to our house. 

Wishing you, dear blogging friends, a week full of sunshine and happiness. 


Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Important Meeting up ahead

The Meeting is at 8:00 o'clock sharp.

The first Tuesday of every month. 

Their shirts identify them as 
"The Old Geezers" 

ahh, I mean the "Friendly Philosophers" 

The old Squirt Building is on the left.

The rest of our important buildings. 

Arrived at the Meetin House

People come from far and wide, 
the vittles are formidable.

There are plans to have a pulling contest. 

More Philosophers on the inside. 

By the end of the morning they will have all problems solved. 

Have a great week dear friends. 


Sunday, February 1, 2015


A couple of weeks ago I dug through the frozen ground 

to lift a little Hellebore seedling.

 I must admit it didn't look like much.

But here it is. New growth, how wonderful!
In a few weeks it might even bloom.  

It did last year. 

I wonder what color my little pot of Helleborus will be this year?

In Europe one can purchase Hellebore as cut flowers and in little pots.  

I have seen them blooming en masse in the Black Forest at Christmas time.  No wonder they are called Lenten Rose. 

They are such a welcome and pretty sight at Christmas and in January 

Has anyone seen them potted up in this country?  

Have a great Superbowl Sunday my dear friends. 

I hope that YOUR team wins. 


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Maestro Romano Ranieri

The great Maestro Romano Ranieri will be laid to rest today at the Church of Pontenuovo di Deruta, Umbria, Italy.  

Romano Ranieri

"He prefers not to be exalted."

"Proudly, he is the artistic director at the Romano Ranieri School of Ceramic Art in Deruta.
Romano Ranieri is one of our most appreciated and loved artists... producing the most beautiful ceramics with superior characteristics."


Vividly, I remember my first day painting at the Scuola d' Arte Ceramica in Deruta, Italy
I painted the tile you see above on my second day of instructions

This is "my" desk at the Scuola

This tile was my first assignment.  After a few hours of painting, Professor Nicola Boccini decided that I could move on to a more difficult pattern.  This is the way the school tests your level of expertise. 

I've painted at this fantastic school several times.  Students walk in and out all day.  They are encouraged to paint when they can.  Always, the most revered Maestro, Romano Ranieri, is painting while keeping an eye on every student.  He graciously offers his help whenever needed. 

The Maestro gave me this beautiful book which contains many of his important works. 

Forever I will cherish the lovely message he wrote. 

Maestro Romano Ranieri, Deruta, Italy

Maestro Romano Ranieri

Maestro Romano Ranieri

Maestro Romano Ranieri

Maestro Romano Ranieri

Maestro Romano Ranieri

Maestro Romano Ranieri

All of the above Maestro Romano Ranieri

Thank You Maestro Ranieri 


Monday, January 26, 2015

This does not look like winter to me.

Even the Canadian Geese are confused 

Most of them have left to wherever Canadian Geese go in the winter.  
Only a small flock has decided to stay.  

It's supposed to look more like this by now. 

I'll pretend that last year's daisies are this year's snow.

In addition to our 3 domestic (white) Geese, there is, for the first time ever, an impostor. 

He thinks that he is a goose but really, he is a duck.  

Have you spotted him?  

Now you can see him. 
I wonder what kind of duck he is. 
Do you know? 

Have a great week my dear friends.