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Monday, July 15, 2019

Not enough time

It's all right.
I love what I see even if it isn't perfect.

Wild roses seeking support.

Salpiglossis are a challenge.

Poppies are amazing.
Yank out the entire plant, singe the stem and every poppy head will open. 
A poppy bouquet for a week. 

More rain than usual brought on the berries.

I have eaten the rest. 

I can grow figs in Utah ...in my greenhouse.

Nasturtiums grow easily from seed.

Who can resist an Opium Poppy?

The hay barns will be filled to the rafters.  

We will most likely have 3 crops of Alfalfa this year, 
who knows, maybe even four. 

Wishing you a bountiful week ahead. 

Sunday, July 7, 2019

They never dissapoint

Each year they bloom larger and stronger

My tuberous begonias  are more than 15 years old. 
They take a long nap in the dark and under a bench in my greenhouse. 
They have never been fed nor have they been repotted.  

Poppies volunteer.
I never know where they will pop up next. 

So green this year.  We had a lot of rain this Spring.

Salpiglossis have to be seeded every year. 

The pie cherries are just turning color. 
So far, the birds have not discovered them.  

Every fruit tree is laden with fruit.  Only the apples are taking a break
(they do that every other year). 

And miracles upon miracles, our 25 year old apricot tree is covered with fruit for the first time ever.

Take care dear friends.