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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Favorite Tablescapes

A few Tablescapes remembered.

Pictures tell all. 

Thank you for stopping by dear friends.  


Thursday, April 19, 2018

All it takes is a few tiles

And a bit of strong glue

Glue tiles onto board, add plastic feet to board.

Four small tiles hold several sticky preserve jars.

So easy to keep clean.

Not just for Jams and Jellies.
Also great for condiments.
And many more uses.

Have a great weekend my dear Blogging Friends.



Thursday, April 12, 2018

The Galax Leaf

The most versatile, the most wonderful, the Galax Leaf.

Bouquets of flowers are so much prettier when the rim of the vase is cushioned by a few leaves.  The Galax leaf does it most beautifully.

It only takes 2 Galax Leaves and a single flower to fashion a perfect Boutonniere.

Galax leaves come in bunches of 25 to 30 leaves.  They last in the refrigerator, without water, for months and are ready to use when you are.

They make the perfect Tussie Mussie, a lovely gift.

Galax Leaves grow in Forests of the Eastern United States

Galax grow mainly in the Appalachian Mountains. There have been concerns over the excessive harvesting of galax leaves.  Commercial production, galax propagation and container culture is being explored. 

Galax are an evergreen, herbaceous perennial plant of the genus Diapensiaceae.  Your florist will order them for you...they are very handy to have around.

Have a wonderful and successful week my dear
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Monday, April 2, 2018

Sky shots

Aiming without looking. 

The're called "Sky Shots".

I'm surprised how many photos actually turned out. 

You have to crawl under these Hellebore to see their faces. 

I can't crawl under them to take a photo. 
My ducks and geese have already been there.  

Amazing how my Hellebore have evolved. 
From one original color to many, many colors.

Hellebore are a most rewarding flower.
 They bloom early, through ice and snow. 

Wishing you a great week ahead,