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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Growing Sweet Peas

Sweet Peas

We live in zone 3.  My seeds were planted in the middle of March.

In warmer climates, Sweet Peas should be planted in February. 

At least 2 to 3 weeks before planting start germinating seeds in a plastic bag.

  Place moistened paper towel and seeds into plastic bag.  Keep top open and place by window.

Besides collecting my own seeds I will be ordering these "Wiltshire Ripples" from Thompson and Morgan.

Check seeds a few times and rinse them in cold water  (to prevent  mildew) and return to plastic bag.  After  about 2 weeks your seeds will have sprouted and they are ready to be planted.  Sprouts look very tender but they are sturdy and are easily handled. 

It is the "odoratus"  and "fragantissima" varieties which have the most heavenly scent.  
Among the most fragrant Sweet Peas are the blue varieties. 

"Molly Rilestone"  maybe my most favorite Sweet Pea.

Have a wonderful weekend my dear Friends.



His last journey

Henry Eugene Garner 

1934- 1919

May you rest in peace.

Gene was a modest man.  His many nephews and nieces thought he was their "Dapper Uncle".   He never bragged of his deeds. His quick action and cool head saved several lives. 

On one occasion, while fishing on the Snake River, their boat capsized.  Two friends would have drowned if Gene hadn't been there to pluck them both from the river.   

Another time, during  dinner with a friend in a Denver Restaurant, he noticed  his friend  choking on a piece of meat,  and quickly performed the Heimlich maneuver, saving yet another life. 

Arriving home with friends one night from the Symphony Ball, they realized no one had their house keys.  Our friend, Ray McCarty, climbed a ladder to force open a second story window, but lost his balance, and fell backward.  Gene thinking fast, intercepted him, flipping him around in midair, enabling Ray to land safely on his feet.  The only injury was Gene's nose, which bore a scar for the rest of his life.  

Flying from Lima,  Peru to Cuscus, the plane had to make several landings to wait for better weather.  Each time the plane took off or landed,  a native Peruvian would experience seizures.  Gene  was first to notice, and take fast action to stop the man from swallowing his tongue. 

While walking to his office in Salt Lake,  a man collapsed suddenly on the cross walk in front of Gene.  And, of course, Gene was there to provide immediate aid. 

Most recently, a woman fell out of her wheelchair when it tipped over in a parking lot,  and guess who was right there to pick her up.  

Gene even saved a hapless squirrel once, during a picnic lunch when he noticed that it had gotten itself wedged into a tight hole.  He pulled the frightened critter free and actually ressescuated it.  

Gene was equally at home at the four Michelin star "Madame Point" restaurant in Lyon, France, the roulette table in Monaco or hoisting alfalfa bales, helping his Farmer friend with his every day chores. 

That is the man who was Gene.  That is the same Gene I have loved for 56 years.