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Monday, September 28, 2015

Can't help myself

Must go to Italy 
and a few places in between. 

Enough of bottling and canning.

It's time to make new discoveries. 

The rest of the pears can wait.

Bon Voyage dear Friends. 

See you soon. 


Thursday, September 24, 2015

Cold Press - First Press

First Press, Cold Press, Virgin Organic 

Interlaken Grape Juice.
Produced by Villa Vista, 2015. 

Ready to be washed.

All done by hand with my old sieve and wooden pestle. 

Now to the Freezer.  

The last Pickles and Beets canned the day before. 
Ready to go to the cellar.

Have a great week dear friends. 

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Mon Bouquet du jour

A lovely group of people, from the Museum of Fine Arts Department, Salt Lake City

stopped by to see the house and gardens

and my hand painted ceramics displayed in a handsome wooden plate rack carved by my very own Mr G.

 Pasha elected to stay in the Library.

Our chickens never made an appearance.

Clyde, Hansel and Lola came out of the pond for a little while.

No one saw the juvenile owl.

The ducks took cover in the tall grasses. 

Lucy loves everyone and she was everywhere amongst the visitors.  



grapes and 

Plums were ready for the picking.

The sun was shining, the last roses brightened the day.  

Have a great week ahead.  
Thank you for stopping by.
Your visits are always so appreciated. 


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Room at the top.

Everything is out in the open and ready to use.  

I may need a chair to reach the assorted goodies but there they are, handy and convenient. 

Just the other day the cucumbers and beets were growing in my kitchen garden. 

One from Italy, the next (in the back) from Spain and a jug I painted.  All ready to hold another bunch of country flowers. 

 One from Mexico, one from Portugal and one more from Italy.

Almost all of them from Portugal, Italy and Spain.  
There is a foreigner amongst them.  A spode plate from England.  The one that I like to use for hors-doeuvres
Have you spotted it? 

Albarelli (Apothecary jars) from Italy, 
They hold flower seeds I gather at the end of the Summer.  

No kitchen is without pasta and flour.  

What do you do with the space above your kitchen cabinets?

Have a great week dear friends.


Sunday, September 13, 2015

Cowboys and their hats

Mr G's favorite Summer Hat was looking pretty dorky.
Yes it had been a fine Panama Hat. 
But that was 20 years ago. 

Most of the damage was done when getting out of the golf cart and hitting the roof of the cart.  

A visit to the "Big City" was in order.

Jim Whittington of J. W. Hats,  Salt Lake City,  has been making  hats since 1974. 

 While a new hat form was being chosen I had plenty of time to roam from one room to another.

There must be a story that goes along with this scene.

A very beautiful hat caught my eye.  It had just been unwrapped from a newly arrived box.  It had the most unusual color and texture.  It was velvety and the color was a rich and an unusual greyish-green. 

A note came with the hat sent from Wyoming by a, no doubt, very handsome cowboy.

Enclosed find my hat in need of repair. Please clean, replace sweat band and liner.....

Finishing touches were being applied to Mr G's new Panama.

I wonder if there is a hat for me in this overflowing abundance of hats.  

This one looks more like an Easter bonnet. 

My hat needs to have a large brim to keep me cool and protected from the high desert sun. 

This is my Panama hat.  It has seen better days.  
But it fits just so.  It's not going to be easy to find a replacement. 

No doubt if I look long enough my hat will come to the surface. 

One more look at the old hat.

And here is Mr G's new hat. Sitting by my saddle.   

Have you owned a Panama? 

My dear friends.  Have a wonderful week ahead.  


Monday, September 7, 2015

Summer Flowers

It's still officially Summer

My rose bushes give up their blooms reluctantly.

Sweet Peas for late Summer evenings. 

Morning Glories add just the right contrast.  

Wishing you a great week. 



Friday, September 4, 2015

The Event.

It's here. 

The Annual Plein Air Competition


Artist Studio Tour, Spring City, Utah.

The four day event will culminate tomorrow morning with the announcement of winners. 

Artists from near and far will have painted in 
en plein air for 3 days.  

A trip around our environs, late afternoon yesterday, found several participants painting local scenes.  

After the winners of the plein air Competition are announced and prizes have been awarded, the Annual Artist Studio Tour will commence.  

Unlike Pasha, I have been busy. 

My Studio will be open Saturday.  

I have been painting, not blogging

Wish you could come for a visit.

Have a great weekend.