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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

And then there is Dinkelsbühl

Have you been there?

        You will find it along the Romantische Strasse (Romantic Street)
which begins in Würzburg Germany and ends in Füssen, at the foot of the Alps.

However, before you visit Dinkelsbühl 

You first must visit Rothenburg ob der Tauber.

The small town that made Rick Stevens famous 
is it the other way around?

If you're visiting during the Christkindel Markt you will be sandwiched between folks from all over the world.  You will move as one, with the masses.

Drinking a cup of very hot Glühwein requires a spot away from the maddening crowd. 

When you live in the quiet country, as we do, being jostled by thousands requires a nearby oasis.


And it is in Rothenburg ob der Tauber where we found it!
In all of our more than forty trips to Europe no other hotel compares to this fine hotel, the Herrnschlösschen

It is the perfect hotel.  It is a small boutique hotel with only a dozen beautifully appointed rooms. You will find a most helpful and accommodating staff and to top it all off, it also has a very fine kitchen.  No request was overlooked and was attended to immediately. 

Heading south along the romantic road you will drive through many picturesque small villages.

The Romantic Street is a smaller motorway, where impromptu side trips are possible.  

Every opportunity is utilized to place just one more Christmas tree. 

Near Füssen, the gateway to Neuschwanstein and the Wieskirche, is the small town of Reutte.

Only a few hours drive to my beloved Italy. 

Have a wonderful remainder of the week. 


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Three Hares

My lovely friend Rosemary of 
recently wrote a fascinating post entitled 
Optical Illusions. 


Even though there are three rabbits there are only a total of 3 ears, yet each rabbit shows a full compliment of ears, namely two each. 

Since childhood I was fascinated with this design. 

More than forty years ago, my Father, a Master Woodcarver, carved this belt buckle for me. 

 I used to slide different color suede leather belts through the back.  

Sometimes I slide a piece of fabric through it. 
Carving this design out of walnut wood is very difficult...especially delicate parts such as the ears. Often weak areas will break just about the time the piece is finished. 

My Father also carved this belt buckle for me.  It came in handy to cover up repair work on this wooden chandelier.  

My Father and I collaborated on many pieces.

One of four legs to a chess table.

One of two bases for a glass topped coffee table.  

I always told my Pappa that he did the best work for me.  

For Rosemary's full post please 
click here

Have a wonderful week my dear 
Blogging Friends.


Friday, January 17, 2014

To warm your heart

Her name is Elena Shumilova, 
a mother of two boys from Andreapol, Russia 

See more of her work here

Have a lovely day!


Monday, January 13, 2014

A new Batch

Been making a new batch 

of hand printed cotton drawstring bags
measuring 4.5 by 6 inches each.

So perfect for holding all kinds of treasures.

Maybe Flower Seeds or

Lace Handkerchiefs.

A special bar of  soap.

Herbs and spices.

Sweet smelling Lavender.

So perfect for gift giving. 

Jewels ?

Wedding favors or party favors with printed messages.

All available in my Etsy shop for only $3 each.

Or, leave a comment and I will make up a special order for you. 

Happy Days!


Thursday, January 9, 2014


Come along with me and visit a little Jewel.

Berching in Bavaria, Germany a favorite small town between Nürnberg and Regensburg.

On the way to Berching from Linz, Austria. with the Danube below.

A steep road takes you to one castle after another. 

Castles we would have missed had we not taken one of the small side roads. 

Go ahead and be brave, the GPS will always take you back. 

Even small and steep roads are well maintained.

More small highways and byways and another little village.

This is what all of these little houses would look like if they didn't get a new Putz.  I think I like the 
untouched version better.  A view probably not shared by its neighbors.  

Along the Castle Road many little burgs. 

With an honest to goodness Misthaufen.

Do they look like droopy eyes to you?

Part of the outside of the ancient Berching wall with one of the towers.  

Red marks the spot. 

Pretty sights everywhere.

And old cobble stone streets have gathered moss. 

An ancient wall, from the Middle Ages, encircles 1000 year old Berching. 

This is one of the corner towers, now made into a 6 story apartment. 

I have always wanted one of those little square windows.  That's not too much to ask, is it?

 A covered walkway on top of the ancient walls takes you to interesting sights.  

We stayed at the old Gristmill, the Stampfermühle, established in 1628.

The Gasthaus is known for it's excellent kitchen.  

Our table is by the Kachelofen.  We are cozy and warm.  And more wood outside to feed the fires.   

A week is not enough in this lovely spot.

Because you haven't even begun to explore the Altmültal, a glorious landscape with sweet meandering rivers. 

Maybe I will see you there.