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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

And the winner is


Rosemary is the author of a beautiful blog.  
"Where Five Valleys Meet"

Rosemary is from England.  In her blog we see little glimpses of her beautiful garden. HER BLOG IS SUPERIOR TO MOST.  Not only does Rosemary share her beautiful photographs from the most exotic places in the world but she delves into the history of places which are not usually found in the most detailed guide books.  

Rosemary correctly identified 13 flowers and here is her list:

1) Rose, 2) Helleborus, 3) Astrantia, 4) Verbena, 

5) Cyclamen, 6) Nemesia, 7) Corydalis, 8) Salpiglossis,

9) Centauria, 10) Iceland Poppy, 11) Alchemilla Mollis,

12) Calendula, 13) Mimulus

And the mystery flower is: 


Lavender Godetia.

Godetias come in many colors.  Direct sow in the Spring.

Congratulations Rosemary.



Sunday, June 19, 2016

One step closer

to having the flower mystery solved. 

The two unidentified flowers are hiding in the photos.

Happy Sunday to you dear friends.  

Friday, June 17, 2016

Can you name my flowers, all 14 of them?

If you can you will win a prize

I will show you this bouquet from all directions. 

Who knows you might even identify one that I have missed.
Naming 14 correct flowers will win the prize. 

All roses count as one.

At the end of this post you will see your prize. 

No doubt you have identified all of them by now.

If not, here are a few more clues. 

Don't worry I have a few more photos for you. 

Remember roses count as one.

I see a new one in this photo. 

Here is another new flower.

Your prize will be a dozen hand printed  cotton string bags as shown below. They are printed with my original designs.  

Comment moderation will be in place.  The first to name all 14 flowers will be declared the winner.  

I have added this photo because it shows a lavender colored flower (in front) that is not clearly seen in all other photos.  

Good luck everyone. 


Sunday, June 12, 2016

The first roses and an update

It's a struggle

to grow roses at this high desert location.  

And it's a struggle for little calves who are abandoned by their mothers.  
April has tried to adopt the little orphan but she only has enough milk for her own calf, a little bull calf. 

In the meantime April provides security.
 My little charge comes running when she sees me
 (or the big milk bottle I'm carrying).  

She lives not far from my house.

And she has a brother who was born a day later.  

So, all is well.  
A few of my roses made it through the winter and my little calf is thriving.  

Have a great week ahead dear friends.  


Friday, June 10, 2016

Italy, the beautiful Part IV

There are places in Italy that I have to see again and again.

Florence is such a place. 

And the small villages of the  Florentine Hills and the Chianti Valley. 

The perfect location from which to see all of it is the small hilltop  town of Impruneta where clay pots reign supreme.

This is the town square of Impruneta.  In the lower left hand corner you see the sign for  the bus station.  

 In 15 minutes you are in the center of Florence.  

Park your car at your Inn in Impruneta and leave the driving to an expert.  
Busses leave both directions every 1/2 hour.  

And then there is the drive from Impruneta to Volterra. 

You will want to stop at every turn of the road. 

One breath taking view after another.  

Those hard working and clever Italians don't like to waste space.  Here they are growing soy beans in between rows of grape vines.  

So much beauty everywhere it makes your heart sing.  

The Amalfi Coast drive is spectacular but the Chianti Valley is as beautiful, only in a different way.  

It was lunch time and as if by magic, this sign appeared. 

 It was delicious.  

We stayed at the Country Relais Villa L' Olmo, a 16th century Villa in the center of Impruneta. 

Have a great week dear friends. 


Sunday, June 5, 2016

A tale of brother and sister.

They were born a day apart

The little bull calf is hiding in the tall grass and my little heifer is coming for her bottle. 

April is the perfect mother.  She makes sure that her little bull calf wakes up every few hours to take on nourishment.  

My little calf wasn't so lucky.  She was born to a new mother.  No amount of coaxing convinced the mother to accept her newly born calf.  

We tied her up so that the little calf could get the all important colostrum (the first milk which contains antibodies to protect the newborn). 

She left her calf.
But first she kicked her newly born and threw the other calf into the air.  

She never looked back.
She is the one with the horns.  

April came to check on the orphan.

Soon her own calf came looking for her.  

 My little charge gets 2 pints of  formula 4 times a day.  She is happy and thriving.

Happy Sunday to you and yours.