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Friday, July 27, 2018

The making of a kitchen

The Beginning

An idea is born.

Many choices are considered.

New ideas are added.

More decisions.

My client was happy to participate. 

More ideas.

This design was our starting point.

Even more ideas considered.

Hundreds of tiles later...a new kitchen. 

In the meantime a friend needed a new banner designed.

The same feature tile ends up with a totally different idea.  

Already working on the next project.  

The weeks are flying by.  I picked a few hollyhock blossoms and covered them with sand. 
Will see what they look like in a few days.  

This time of year they will dry in about 3 days. 

And they will look like this.  
(I will show you).

Wishing you have a wonderful weekend, 



Sunday, July 15, 2018

We have our Pond back

After more than two months of occupation by wild Canada Geese

We have our pond back.

Between eight and nine families would cruise the pond.

Looking like they are getting ready for  Machiavellian maneuvers.

Every few days a new family would appear.
And, they would stay.

When small, they look like little monsters.

It didn't take them very long to find Clyde and 
Lola's (our resident geese) feeding trough. 

Something their parents have never done. 

They didn't used to come to our pond. 
Every now and then a family would land on their maiden flight and almost immediately fly away again.

Back at the house.

Poppies are blooming and


Salpiglossis in many colors.

More poppies.

the lowly Petunia

I'm glad the geese are gone.  They thought nothing of  marauding my flower beds during the night.  

Hollyhocks finding their own places.

All is quiet on the Pond.

Just the way I like it.  

Have a great week dear friends. 


Thursday, July 5, 2018

Cherries are on.

Where are the Robins?

My tree is laden with sour cherries.

Where are the Blackbirds?

There will be plenty of cherries for 
Kirschwasser Likör.

And for winter pies.

For now I will bake a few little treats.
Just one bite and they are gone.  

Cherries make great preserves. 

Will I be lucky this year?  
Will the birds leave the chokecherries for me? 
They do make the best pancake syrup.  

Have a great week, dear Friends,