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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Sunday, Sunday.

Flowers make me happy. 

Especially those which grow in my very own garden.

I can visit with my flowers every day.

Poppies are one of my most favorite flowers. 

When using Poppies in arrangements, you must remember to singe their stems for 30 seconds. 

Foxglove the same. Singe their stems.  This time a little longer.  

The thicker the stem, the longer it takes. 

Burn over candle flame. 

I burn several flowers at a time, on top of my gas range.  

What is more pleasing then making the rounds in the early morning, coffee cup in hand.

How many can you name? 

Happy Sunday to you and yours.



Friday, June 23, 2017


Was it just luck when I tried this a few weeks ago?   

Last time I made potato salad I cooked the eggs on top of the potatoes...just long enough for hard boiled eggs.  I continued cooking the potatoes. 

I usually scoop out the eggs with a spoon.

But I like to have a few smooth eggs to decorate the top of the potato salad. 

Smooth eggs, like these.

When I peeled the eggs the shells came off in several large pieces.

We have chickens.  That means that the eggs we use for cooking are very fresh.  

Fresh eggs are supposed to be harder to peel.

It happened again?  The eggs peeled easily.  

What does the potato do to the egg? 

Maybe you know.


Saturday, June 17, 2017


A small town in the Alentejo of Portugal
known for fine needlepoint rugs and tapestries. 

The traditional cross stitch method, embroidered onto a canvas frame is what makes these pieces of art so unusual.  Surprisingly enough they are very sturdy and long lasting. 

Arraiolos is located 13 miles north of Evora and 80 miles east of Lisbon.

Images from the very small but very excellent Museum in Arraiolos. 

Designs and color combinations are endless.

These beautiful rugs have been woven since the 16th century. 

A very large rug brought in for repairs. 

Speaking of repairs.

While visiting Portugal almost forty years ago, we purchased this Arraiolos rug. 

It was custom made for a very long hallway in our previous home.  

If you look closely you will see that it is now cut into two halves. 

I cut the middle out of the rug.  
It was a certain color of wool that didn't hold up to the heavy hall traffic.  

The rest of the rug is still in great condition
(remarkable after so many years). 

I will have the two pieces bound and will enjoy them for a few more years. 

These fellas are willing participant.  

Making the famous Arraiolo rugs and tapestries is a cottage industry.  

Almost all of the 30,000 inhabitants of Arraiolos are involved in the making of these beautiful rugs. 

While visiting this Spring we purchased the above rug.  
Unlike other rugs these are easily folded into a suitcase. 

And that is why we traveled to Portugal.  
We needed a new rug.  

Wishing you a wonderful weekend and a great week ahead.  

Thank you for stopping by. 
Your visits and comments are always so appreciated.



Friday, June 2, 2017

Never give up.

How many times will a garden freeze before the Gardener gives up.

My "Sensation" lilac froze this year but surprised me and rewarded me with a few second blooms.

Orchids will always reward you.  Good light and a little water is all they need. 

The snow is still deep on Horseshoe Mountain Ridge...
it will be a good watering year.   

My daisies are back after almost being wiped out last year by an overly zealous helper who tried to get rid of dandelions.

A new color of Foxglove? 

Our little town celebrated Heritage Days this past weekend.  

Many people came and bought.  My hand painted and simple bowls are still a favorite.

How is your garden growing?