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Monday, April 12, 2021

Sweet Peas

 There is still time to get Sweet Peas started. 

  My seeds will be planted this week.

At least 2 to 3 weeks before planting start germinating seeds in a plastic bag.

  Place moistened paper towel and seeds into plastic bag. 
 Keep top open and place by window.

Check seeds a few times and rinse them in cold water  (to prevent  mildew) and return to plastic bag.  After  about 2 weeks your seeds will have sprouted and they are ready to be planted.  Sprouts look very tender but they are sturdy and are easily handled. 

"Wiltshire Ripples", everyone's favorite


It is the "odoratus"  and "fragantissima" varieties which have the most heavenly scent.  
Among the most fragrant Sweet Peas are the blue varieties.

Sweet peas love to be paired with other garden flowers.  

and Fruit

"Molly Rilestone"  maybe my most favorite Sweet Pea.

Have a wonderful week dear friends.

Sunday, April 4, 2021

Happy Easter

 Happy Easter

Hope you have an extra special day.

Wishing you health and happiness.


Thursday, April 1, 2021

Brigitta knits Baby Hats.


My Sister Brigitta knits Baby hats.  

You say what's so special about that?

What is special is that she has knit almost 900 of them. 

And she has knit over 400 hats for the Homeless. 
You see, she belongs to a hospital group by the name of
"Healthy Circle."

They usually travel to far off places but you know what happened to that. 

Now that is not the end of the story. 

Brigitta, my Sister, is an expert Lace Maker

Brigitta is called upon to identify lace for Museums. 

Only a few Island of Burano Lace Makers remember these patterns.  
It has become a lost art. 

 Brigitta made this " 's Gravenmoer"  Lace Fan with silk threads from Germany.

Brigitta has published 5 books about lace making.

Her books contain original patterns which she herself has designed.

This Lace Fan requires 200 bobbins.

From her books, easy to follow (for a lace maker) instructions for one of her original designs.

Brigitta is proficient in many Lace styles, such as Russian Tape Lace, Schneeberger, Torchon, Bedfordshore, Milanese, Tatting and more.

Brigitta has many jeweled bobbins.  These plain bobbins are easier to work with when she needs so many.   The painted bobbin in the middle,  marks the only thread that is different.  It is called "gimp" a heavier thread.

My Sister, Brigitta, is a year older than I.  While growing up in East Germany we were taught many skills at home and in school. 
Those skills have served us well allowing us to pursue whatever art form appealed to us.


Note:  My Sister's lace instruction books are available from her Vendor.  Please contact Trudy Scholten,

Friday, March 26, 2021

Hours and hours for naught.


Hours and hours of work

and nothing to show for it.

Broken pieces from large Mural.

I can't replace the broken pieces.

The background was hand mixed, it will never look right. 

On the same day, and at the same post office, I mailed 5 packages.  

Three packages had broken tiles, one package was 2 weeks late, but unscathed

and one package is still lost after 3 weeks.  

This has never happened.

What is going on at the Post Office?

Hope your week is turning out to be better than mine. 


Tuesday, March 23, 2021



Come along with me and visit my backyard.

We began our Journey from Spring City, our home in Central Utah,
heading south. 

Our first stop, 2 hours down the street.  Capitol Reef National Park.

Nearby is the historic town of Fruita (1883-1941)
The residents of Fruita planted many fruit and nut trees. 
Over 3,000 fruit trees are still producing heirloom fruits. 

The public is welcome to pick during the fruit harvest from June through September. 


Our next stop is Goblin Valley State Park, central Utah.

Can you see the little Goblins?

 Heading south after staying overnight in Hanksville. 
Try not to stay there.  
The wind was howling and ripped at our roof.  
The noise made it impossible to sleep.  

Our little Lucy hid under the bed covers.  

Heading south toward Monument Valley.  
We are leaving the "Valley of the Gods" for another time.
I hear it's beautiful. 

Just before the Valley of the Gods you will have the adventure of a lifetime.

You will be introduced to the most treacherous road you have ever been on.  But Oh how breathtaking.  Once begun you can not turn around.  

It's the dreaded "Moki Dugway 3 miles gravel switchbacks"

If you have survived Moki (there is an alternate route) you have an easy drive to Monument Valley. 

You might recall that 12 western movies (5 movies with John Wayne alone) were shot in Monument Valley.The last movie was shot in 2008.

Straddling the Utah/Arizona border you will find the amazingly beautiful Monument Valley and the 
home of the proud Navajo Indian Nation. 

We stayed at the historic Goulding's Lodge.

From here you can take many tours all guided by Native Americans.  

3rd morning, heading back home.

 We stopped in at the Bluff Fort Museum in Bluff, Utah. 


Still going north we headed for Moab and the La Quinta. 
A dog friendly hotel where you will meet the nicest people. 

Moab has changed.  
Here are some of the adventures in which you can participate: 
River rafting, Hummer safaris, Mountain Biking, Sunset Tours, hiking Tours, Zipline and Ropes, Flights, Horseback, Jetboat, Jeep Rentals AND

Tango Lessons. 

This morning we are heading home.  200 miles to go, 
 the first 160 miles with no services.  Better gas up.

Happy Trails to you.  


Tuesday, March 16, 2021



Soon it will be Mother's Day

Maybe a dozen (or more) roses will be your gift.


Why not enjoy them for years to come 
by making an old fashioned Moist Potpourri.

Loved by Gertrude Jekyll: 
"The dry is much the easier and quicker to make, 
but is neither so sweet nor so enduring".

So, don't waste those lovely petals.  
Making moist Potpourri is very easy, 
it is the oldest way of making Potpourri. 

You will need partially dried rose petals and coarse, non-iodized salt.

Layer rose petals and salt in a non-porous container.
Ratio of 3 to1, petals to salt.

Keep adding rose petals as they are available. 
Keep in dark place, tightly closed.  
As you add more petals and salt over time, 
stir with a wooden spoon. 

 This is my moist potpourri, more than 30 years old.
Still has the most divine and mysterious perfume. 
I know, it's not very pretty.
It is meant to be hidden in a special, perforated container.

You may want to add the following: Lavender Flowers, 
Rose Geranium Leaves, Essential Oils, Lemon Peel, Orange Peel. 

Your moist potpourri is ready to use in about 6 months.

Have a lovely week my dear Friends.