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Thursday, July 22, 2021

Growing in my garden

Rondes de Nice

What makes Rondes de Nice so perfect is that the entire vegetable can be eaten.

Also known as Rolly Polly Zucchini,

Ready to eat when golf ball size

The entire Zucchini is edible including skin and blossoms.
Dredge blossoms into beer batter and deep fry.

Save a few seeds for next year.

Happy gardening 


Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Growing in my Garden

Salpiglossis  growing in my Garden

Salpiglossis are a cross between the Petunia and the Nicotiana (Tobacco Flower) 

They're an Annual, grown from seed.

They prefer cool nights.

They make excellent cut flowers. 

Happy Gardening. 


Wednesday, June 30, 2021

The ongoing saga

It's official ... Clyde is not the Father

But you can't convince Clyde, our white Emden domestic goose.

He has raised and protected them from the day they were born.

The little ones thought he was their Father.

Not one of the almost grown goslings is white

The wild Canadian Geese will soon fly away
 and Clyde will be all alone again. 

OR POSSIBLY his new girlfriend will stay with him.

That would make everyone happy. 

Monday, June 7, 2021

Apricots are next

Canning season has begun

Red Currants are ripe.

 Labels have to be affixed

Next are sour cherries, 
Will my owl come back to guard over them?

Sour cherries, perfect for winter pies.

and Cherry Likör

Some are reserved fir little tartlets.

Three bites and they're gone.


Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Der Bauerngarten


The much loved Farmer Garden in the Tyrol, Northern Italy.

From the book by Brigitte Griessmair and Anneliese Kompatscher "Vielgeliebter Bauerngarten"

No matter how small, a Bauerngarten always includes a few flowers.

Gardens of the South Tyrol,  Northern Italy,  are the pride and joy of the Farmer's wife

 There is a distinct division of labor, she is in charge of the "House, Garden,  Spinning and Feathered Animals".
He is in charge of "Field, Forest and Barnyard".

All Tyroler gardens have one thing in common; No matter how small or how large they are always surrounded by a fence, usually a picket fence.  Free ranging chickens, rabbits, goats  and deer make quick work out of a newly planted garden.

Gardens are not planted until the "Three Ice Kings" have come, usually around the middle of May.

Space is limited and so is the diversity of plants.  Seeds are saved from year to year.  One thing you won't find in a Farmers Garden are benches or unnecessary decorative objects.  You will, however, find a barrel or some other container to collect life-giving rain water.

 If the terrain allows, gardens are either square or rectangular in shape.  They are never attached to the house but are always nearby.

And sometimes gardens have to be cultivated where the terrain is difficult.

My vegetable garden is open to occasional marauders.  I'm thinking about enclosing it with a picket fence.

It's going to be a while before my garden will look like this again.

Die Drei Eisheiligen  (Three Ice Kings) are coming this weekend. 

Saturday, May 1, 2021

Three's company


You remember Clyde ?

He's the one who lost his mate Lola recently. 

He was very sad and kept calling for her.  

I finally found a company who would send an Emden gosling.  

In the meantime Clyde began acting very strange.

Clyde is in full mating mode (red eyes) and is courting a Canadian Goose.

Two days ago, five little goslings dropped from the embankment and into the pond.
Clyde immediately took over. 

Clyde insists that he is the Father. 

Now the real Father has appeared.

 All parents watch over the little goslings.  
Will one of the goslings be all white?  
According to an article written in 1914, such a thing has happened.  

In the meantime my Auriculas are beginning to bloom.  
I have waited 2 years. 

Geraniums are ready to go outside. 

Spring has really come. 

Take care dear friends,