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Friday, September 14, 2018

The countdown.

When I'm not vacationing or planting a garden, or putting up fruit and vegetables, or taking care of a whole menagerie of animals and birds. 

I paint.

More specifically, I hand paint ceramics.
The kind of ceramics which have been painted in Europe for more than 600 years. 

I paint because I have always admired this style of ceramics, known in Europe as Maiolica.

I paint whatever makes me happy.

Lots of tiles for kitchens and fireplaces.  
Tiles I will never see again.

I get to keep the rejects.
They are valuable, but only to me.  
I can learn from them. 

These little jewels I paint just for myself.

I paint a lot of practical ceramics just as long as they are also pretty. 

Some large murals take many weeks to finish.

Flowers and hand painted ceramics are a natural pairing.

An urn elevates and makes everything special. 

New but painted to look old.

A little gold makes it extra special.

A "Tondino"  is a very practical and large dish.  

Bowls are always the first to go.  
So why don't I paint more of them?  

You will see this happy bird all over Italy.

So many tiles I have stopped counting.

A favorite.

I can't stay away too long.  

Take care of yourselves.



Saturday, September 8, 2018

Morning Glories have a lot of talent.

Plant a few seeds

water now and then.

They have a way of finding a way to shine.

They cover awkward spaces beautifully.

They only bloom in the morning

and fade away. 

Where did this one come from?  
They call them Sports.

This one escaped to the hollyhocks.

They look especially nice when cascading from an urn.

Morning Glories self seed and show up in the most unexpected places.  
That is what makes them so special.  

And all the while you have not lifted a finger.  

Have a happy and lazy weekend dear friends. 


Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Will 200 pounds of onions be enough?

I harvested them yesterday.

While Mr G was having coffee with the boys. 

When their leaves fall over on their own, they are ready to harvest.

They are larger this year than they were last year. 

(I wonder if 200 pounds is enough to get us through the winter).   

Every available surface is being utilized.

Onions need to dry for 6 to 7 days.  
If left green they will not last.  

After they have dried they will be gathered into bundles and hung in our cellar to continue aging.  

They will keep till Spring. 

What I would really like to know is 
do you use a secret ingredient which makes your 
French Onion Soup extra special? 

I would love to know.  

Thank you dear friends.  
Have a great remainder of the week.