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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Gooseberry Pie and Sauerkraut

That is what we had for dinner

Homemade Sauerkraut with Wiener Wuerstel and Gooseberry Pie,
a perfect combination to introduce our friends, Christine and Steven, to a part of the world where such delicacies are de rigueur.

We are planning our trip to the Alsace region of France, the Black Forest of Germany and the South Tyrol of Northern Italy. 
Christine and Steven will meet us here and there

The Gooseberry Pie was made even more delicious by adding a little Schlagsahne (whipping cream) laced with a bit of sour Cherry  Liqueur


After visiting the Alsace wine region we will hop over to the Black Forest and have lunch at the Brenner Park Hotel in Baden Baden

Then over the Brennero Pass and to one of my favorite cities, Bolzano,  Italy.
 In the town square you will find the most colorful market and at the top of the street the fine South Tyrol Musem housing the most remarkable exhibit of Oetzi, the Iceman.

We will take the funicular  to Soprabolzano and board the waiting narrow-gauge railway to Klobenstein.  In September the wine harvest will be in full swing.

More planning next week at Christine's and Steven's country house



  1. Gina you always have the best images, so clear and vivid!! It really makes the story come alive!!

    I have a Great New Giveaway from Blydesign! Do come and enter!

    Art by Karena

  2. Oh Gina, you know you have me with the sauerkraut! as always, your table is so inviting and colorful...your friends are very lucky ! :-)

  3. Sounds like a great trip, and you'll get to see some of those beautiful gardens! My boys were entranced by the story of Oetzi when they were little. You've traveled a lot Gina. I've never been to Bolzano, how can it be?

  4. Dear Karena, thank you for your visit. You always have great Giveaways and thank you for the invite.

  5. Dear Lala, Maybe I can talk you into making your own sauerkraut this coming season. You have so many talents, why not add one more.

  6. Dear Francesca, Oh, please plan a trip with your family to Bolzano. The everyday market, the shopping Unter den Lauben and the Oetzi Museum are only a few reasons to travel there. And then there is Soprabolzano, another world alltogether, fresh, clean air and beautiful hiking trails.

  7. Dear Gina, would like to give you some "tip's" for the Black Forest and Alsace Region. Just let me know when you are planing to travel.

    Knowing the areas quite well and of course Hotel Brenner in Baden Baden.

    Lovely images, I get a bit home sick....


  8. Dear Karin, I would love to receive a few tips
    from an expert. We have actually spent time in both areas, including a cross country ski trip way up high in the Black Forest. We would like to find a nice Gasthof or Hotel along the wine street of the Alsace. Maybe you have a good suggestion. Your help would be so appreciated.
    Thank you, Gina

  9. Will do my best!
    If you let me know in advance I could eventually plan a trip to Germany and we could meet! My family leaves between Baden Baden and Freiburg!

    Greetings - karin

  10. How did I miss this blog and those gorgeous pictures? oxox, Christine

  11. Hi Christine and hello Steven, You didn't need to see this post, you were present. Not only that, it won't be too long and we will be there.

  12. Wow, you are planning a fabulous trip. We flew into CDG, picked up a car rental. We spent some time in Strasbourg then drove through the Black Forrest and on to Lucern. It was a wonderful trip. I felt like I was in a fairytale the whole time. Your in for a treat my friend. Your blog is lovely, and I'm certainly glad I stopped in for a visit. I'm over from SS, and I'm your newest follower, and I'll visit often. I want to see your photographs after you return. I hope your day is lovely. Merci, I enjoy your photos, it brought back sweet memories from my trip.

    The French Hutch

  13. Hi Emily, I'm so glad that you have become a follower. We have a lot in common. You love Faience and I am smitten with Maiolica...the same thing, only from different countries. Have a wonderful Mother's Day. I will also be visiting your blog...I like what I see.

  14. Beautiful post once again! What a wonderful trip you have planned. Do you need someone to carry your bags? !!!!! :D :D :D :D

  15. What a lovely post Everything looks so beautiful! Happy Mother's Day

  16. Dear Snap, I would invite you along, but I only take one little roller suitcase. After more than 40 trips to Europe I have my packing list reduced to only 24 pounds. But thanks for the offer. Come and visit instead.

  17. Hi Diann, Thank you for your comment and welcome to my blog.

  18. Such a beautiful post. Sounds like a wonderful trip. Hope that you had a wonderful Mother's Day. Thank you for being a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  19. Hi I'm visiting from Foodie Friday. Your trip sounds like it will be fantastic! My husband has cousins in Bolzano, Italy..it's a beautiful area. Enjoy every minute and all the wonderful food.

  20. Hello Pat, We also love Bolzano. Such a great mixture of different cultures, which makes for great food, great Architecture and scenery that is breathtaking. Thank you for your visit. Hope to see you again, Gina