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Sunday, November 18, 2012

It's no fun having your computer crash

Trying to get re-acquainted with my computer
is no fun either.

Happy Sunday to you my dear
Blogging Friends.



  1. I am in the same boat today.. My computer is working, but the reply button on the comments wont let me reply.. its so so frustrating.
    hope that you get it all sorted Gina, and that you haven't lost anything.
    xx val

  2. I am so sorry, Gina! I hope you had a backup hard drive!
    May it all work out well for you and your computer,

  3. Dear Val, It has taken 3 days for a specialist to put my computer back so that I can use it, albeit in a limited fashion. It will take time to get used to the new formatting. Have several backups and they help but still looking for my e-mail addresses.
    Hope you get your computer problems resolved. They are a nuisance aren't they.

  4. Dear Merisi, how sweet of you to be concerned. I have made sure that I have made several external hard drive backups. In addition, I have Carbonite. All of it helps but it is difficult to get used to new ways of doing things.

  5. Dear Gina - I have been in the same spot, in fact one time was without a computer for weeks, so I can understand the frustration!

  6. Dear Gina - poor you. If it was me I do not think that I would know where to start. When we have had the odd mishap the computer has still been under warranty. I think it still is as my son insisted on us having an extended one, but when that has gone, who knows - call in the experts I expect. I miss you Gina♥

  7. How did we live before computers? Once we have them it is hard to be without them.

    I guess we've all had those disruptive times - now that I will be replacing mine, the surprise is how little time comes with the new ones for technical support (3 monthes is the norm, now).

  8. Dear Mark, It's the time it takes to straighten it all out that I resent. I had a computer for over 10 years with no trouble but decidtd to purchase a new one because I knew it would crash any day. My new computer is only 2 years old...The hard drive is fine it was Windows 7 that failed.

  9. Dear Rosemary, You are so sweet. Thank you for commiserating. My computer is also under an extended warranty and I have lots of back-up. Dell could't diagnose the problem over the phone so there is still so much time (and money) required to hire and expert.

  10. Dear Mary, I think that I could manage without but wouldn't want to not be part of the blogging scene. My life has been enriched, in so many ways, just by getting to know so many lovely friends who make life so interesting.

  11. Logistics are not my favorite either! So sorry you are having to go through this. Hope you enjoy the holiday season, we will be here waiting for your posts!


  12. I empathise with you, had this problem back in May. :(

  13. Dear Theresa, Whenever something goes wrong with my computer I realize how little I know about computers. So much time wasted when I could be doing many more interesting tasks.

  14. Dear LindyLou, Sooner or later it happens to everyone. I have been very lucky in the past, so, it must have been my turn.