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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Levi was baptized yesterday

Levi was baptized yesterday.

Levi strolling down our Lane, singing songs with his Dad, Grandfather strumming the Guitar.

Levi tells his story to family and friends.

Katie and Mathias, his proud parents,  looking on.

Wading in, the water is cold but his Dad is there for reassurance.

Levi is a brave little  boy.

But now he is ready to get out.

That was yesterday.  Today, a new day for Levi. 



  1. Thank you for the lovely photos and sharing such (for me) a very unique experience of having one's own lake being the site of a baptism. Brrrrrr.

    1. Dear Mary, It was a beautiful and sunny day. Levi came out of the pond with a smile on his face.
      ox, Gina

  2. Dear Gina - I am so pleased that you followed your previous post with these lovely pictures of Levi's baptism. What a very special occasion for you have experienced and witness on your very own pond. The family look a happy little group singing along to Grandpa's guitar.
    I am sure it was a very cold dip in the water, but the sun is shinning and hopefully he soon warmed up again.

    1. Dear Rosemary, I think that because Levi's own Father baptized him that this experience was a special one for him. He was not afraid, well maybe just a little just before he was dunked. We wrapped him in a warm towel, then he and his large family walked a mile to their farm house where a big feast and celebration was waiating for us all. ox, Gina

  3. Sweet little Levi ! What a wonderful day and you must have been very proud too, having your loved ones all around for such a beautiful occasion...love the guitar playing and the white suits ! xo Lala

    1. Dear Lala, Levi's Opa playing the guitar and the singing of lovely hyms made for a very special occasion on this beautiful and sunny day. He was surrounded by his loving and very large family. It will be a day he will always remember and so will we. xo, Gina

  4. What a lovely post .. The photos of the family walking with levi in front down to the pond and Grandpa playing his guitar .
    A very special day for Levi and your family. How special for the baptism ceremony to have taken place in your own lake.
    Best wishes to Levi..
    Thank you for sharing this special occasion with us Gina.
    val x

    1. Dear Val, We were so pleased when Levi's parents asked for permission to baptize him in our pond. The family lives in the big city but they visit our valley often because they have a charning weekend place only a mile from us. ox, Gina

  5. Dear Gina,
    a beautiful and truly moving post...............as the group comes down your lane I can almost hear them singing "Down to the river to pray".What a perfect day for a baptism in your pond and you captured the
    spirit of this event so well, closing with a view over the pond, now calm and undisturbed with only the
    reflection of a tree on the smooth surface. This is very special..............Sieglinde

  6. Dear Sieglinde, Precisely the feeling I tried to convey in my post. You could not(nor could I) have said it better. ox, Gina