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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Sister, the Lace Maker

Brigitta, my Sister, is an expert Lace Maker

Every year, Lace Makers from all over the world meet at the Museum in Fairview, Utah, a very small community only 12 miles north of Spring City, my home. 

 Brigitta made this " 's Gravenmoer"  Lace Fan with silk threads from Germany

Brigitta has published 5 books on lace making.

Her books contain original patterns which she herself has designed

Right now she is working on a Lace Fan which requires 200 bobbins

From her book, easy to follow (for a lace maker) instructions for one of her original designs.

Brigitta is proficient in many Lace styles, such as Russian Tape Lace, Schneeberger, Torchon, Bedfordshore, Milanese, Tatting and more.

Brigitta has many jeweled bobbins.  These plain bobbins are easier to work with when she needs so many.    The painted bobbin in the middle,  marks the only thread that is different.  It is called "gimp" a heavier thread.

My Sister, Brigitta, is a year older than I.  While growing up in East Germany we were taught many skills at home and in school. 
Those skills have served us well allowing us to pursue whatever art form appealed to us.


Note:  My Sister's lace instruction books are available from her Vendor.  Please contact Trudy Scholten,


  1. Gina, artistic talent really runs in your family! I recently purchased a small tatted doily from a blogging friend's mother who is 90 yrs young! Not everyone appreciates these handicrafts, but I still do. I am way too old (and have two left thumbs) to learn now. Very valuable lessons you and your sister learned. xo,

  2. What a gifted family you have! I took a class in tatting some years ago, and I have so much respect for anyone that can do anything like that. Her pieces that you've shown in this post are beautiful.

  3. I'm really in awe of her skills, Gina, and, as you know, of yours. To have an artistic eye and the considerable abilities required to create such works of art is truly wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing. They are just fabulous. xo – g

  4. Gina, The lace fan is gorgeous! I have never seen anything like it. I see artistic talents run in your family and you both create such beautiful pieces. Thank you for sharing this at my party.

  5. Wow, Gina, your father, your sister and you each have a different and extraordinary artistic talent! How wonderful that both you and your sister are passing on these rare skills through books and teaching.
    (I also think the 'plain' bobbins are almost as beautiful as the lace!)

  6. What a beautiful name, Brigetta. And awesome talent. That fan is splendid.

  7. What a tremendously gifted family you have! With you, your father, your sister....all with myriad gifts! True artisans!!!

    I LOVE lace...I'm going to try to get some Venetian lace pieces if I'm able to swing back up before we go back in Sept.

    You amaze me!!!!

    My family is full of artists, too--my mom was a painter, my dad a drama guy, my brother a singer....those are my adopted parents...and my biological mother was a singer, too, and I'm a little bit of everything--writer/singer/photographer/drama director...and I wouldn't have it any way.

    I think that God created us to be in His image...and He was the master Creator.

    I'm sorry--I'm not trying to throw religion at your or's just that I believe that we were created to create!

    Have an amazing weekend/rest of the week,

  8. Your sister's art is gorgeous! What a talented, interesting family you've come from.

  9. Wonderful to hear that the art of hand lace making is still alive and by this account of your sister's amazing talents, flourishing. I am sure it must be fascinating to watch her and the lace she produces is just stunning. I always enjoy visiting you, Gina.


  10. Hi Barbara, I love your story about the 90-year-old who still values and does lace work. She would be a very interesting lady to meet.

  11. Hi Jacki, you're full of know tatting. I like your last tile you painted. Keep us the good work.

  12. Dear Georgianna, My sister tells me that the fan in my post is now almost finished. She is a very determined woman.
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Love, Gina

  13. Hi Marsha, Your little grand daughter is so precious. Does she really play classical piano at her very young baby age? Remarkable!

  14. Dear Lana, And a fine photographer you are. I love your beautiful images of Italy. The close-ups are amazing.
    The best and authentic Venetian Laces can be found here in the U. S. Look for them in Antique brought them back.

  15. Hello Mark, And then there is my Mother. One of these days I will have to write a post about her. She was so complicated that I hardly know where to begin.
    Thank you for your very nice compliment. Your visits are always so appreciated.

  16. Dear Jermaine, And I always enjoy visiting with you. What is amazing that there are so many people in the U. S. who are interested in the old world art of lacemaking. Even on the island of Burano (Venice) most laces are machine made and imported from China. I noticed that on my last visit that there has been a revival in Venetian Lace teaching.

  17. Oh my! What talent! That is gorgeous.

  18. MY O MY!! How absolutely lovely. Thank you so much for sharing with us. I always enjoy your postings. Rebecca

  19. Hi Mid-Atlantic and welcome. I thank you for coming over to visit my blog. My sister has patience and talent. Her whole life is about lace making.

  20. Hi Rebecca, Thank you for your visit. What is wonderful about my sister is that she loves teaching lace making to anyone who is interested. She has many students, young and old.

  21. I'm awestruck. Thank you for sharing your sister's gorgeous designs. Fantastic! Cherry Kay

  22. Hi Sherry Kay, So nice of you to visit. My Sister will read this and be so pleased. Thank you so much for your comment.

  23. Dear Gina, I am a male lacemaker from south africa.
    I am interested in buying the lace books from your sister.
    Could you kindly put me in contact with her
    Manie Kriel

  24. Hello Manie, I will send your email to my Sister. I'm sure that she will be happy to send you her books.