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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lesson Learned

For my sidebar I wanted to add a picture of our new Pergola

The upload was unsuccessful because there was no more room left.
No room where?  Not my computer.  I have plenty of space left. 

99.9% of the pictures I post on my blog I have taken myself.  That means that I need several portable hard disk drives to store my photographs

Recently I discovered that any photos uploaded to Blogspot.com will automatically be included in a 'Picasa Web Albums' album.

How fantastic! Not long ago, I dropped one of my external hard drives and lost all of my pictures.  (I was able to retrieve most of them from disks and another hard drive).

Here's the good news:
 All photos posted to Blogger are included in the 1 GB of FREE storage allotted to Picasa Web Albums. That represents about  3,000 saved pictures in my case. Now, I have to figure out how to remove some of my pictures from Picasa.

And here is the bad news:

Photos deleted from your Blogger album in Picasa Web Albums will also be deleted from your blog. 
Likewise, if you deleted a photo from Blogger it will be deleted from Picasa Web Albums.

If you have, inadvertently, deleted a photo from Picasa you should be able to retrieve it from your trash can, so the instructions tell me.   That didn't work in my case.  To make a long story short, unless you have that certain photo in one of your other systems you have lost it forever.

That is why some of my older blogs now have missing pictures.
(I have been able to insert other pictures in some of them)

 It can happen to you if you live in the middle of an Alfalfa Field and you have to learn blogging through serendipity.

My dear Blogging Friends,  do you have anything to add or do you know of something I have missed?  I would very much appreciate your input.



  1. that's great you were able to retrieve your loss from picasa, all you have to do it click save and they are back in your computer.

    just so you know, if you delete a pic from blogger, it does not delete from picasa unless you clicked the specific box to delete the pic, otherwise they are still there :)

  2. Dear Gina,
    Yes, I knew or know about picsa album! Ha, I'm ahead of you!
    Maybe you don't know that you can buy more 'space' for about 10 Dollar per year! I will do it, it gives me some peace of mind not to be worry about thousands of photos, uploaded. Will get out the proper info for you.
    Greetings, karin

  3. Dear Karin, Yes, you are ahead of me. I do know about the extra space one can purchase and I will do it. When I destroyed one of my external hard drives I had a few experts looking at my computer to see if they could find my pictures. How come they didn't tell me about Picasa? Maybe they weren't bloggers.
    A friend of mine had the Picasa program but trying to find a photo in her system was impossible ...so I wrote it off as something not for me.

  4. Thank you Blue Moon. I have a lot to learn. Here is another question: why are there so many copies of the same picture in my Picasa album? I know that one would always have the unedited original and any other edited copies, but why identical same?

  5. Gina I have that same question I would loveto Clean Up my Picassa Album!

    Art by Karena

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  6. Hi Gina, "my" tile is looking good! I still have to post about mine :) xo

  7. pertaining to numerous quantities of the same pic, i think its becasue you keep uplaoding them for different sizes and places, ie as your avatar, or header, or on your sidebar. check their sizes if that helps~

  8. Hi Gina, i was just wondering if you could still have your veranda pic (which looks gorgeous by the way!) on your sidebar, just by downsizing it - or am I wrong ? and, actually you're teaching me something as i didn't have the slight idea about Picasa. Ok...how about having some iced lemonade and try again ? :-)

    ps : am sometimes totally lost with tech...recently, i got my account on Pinterest and now just can't get it up running ! argh...patience

  9. Hi Karena, I found out that one can delete duplicates but make sure it is not the one (say the one with a watermark) which you used in your blog post. Karena, thank you for commenting. We all learn from each other.

  10. Hi Barbara, I look forward to seeing "your" tile in situ.

  11. Hi Lala, I was able to post my Pergola Picture on the side bar but only after I removed a few pictures (or removed some memory) I can always purchase more space from Picasa and that is probably what I will do. But first I need to do some cleaning out, being careful, this time, not to remove the wrong picture. You are correct, downsizing would probably have worked, but only until the next time I wanted to add a picture. Yes, it does take patience but that is the best way to learn, by doing it yourself. So, keep trying. For now I'm not interested in joining Pinterest, but I can see that it would be beneficial to you.

  12. Hi Blue Moon, what you say makes perfect sense now. Thank you for getting me going in the right direction.

  13. Thank you for this information, Gina. I am such an amateur/ignoramus that I was unaware of this!

  14. Hi, Gina - I really appreciate the information that you've shared. You might remember that I had computer problems several months ago, and would have lost virtually all of my hard drive if I had not had an external backup. Still, I've been considering dumping my blog images since they're already on Picasa. Now I'll reconsider! My current tech wizard advises all her clients to keep TWO external copies of their hard drives, and she speaks from much experience.

  15. Hi Karen, It's great to learn new things, keeps our minds from becoming stale. Karen, I appreciate your comment and your visit.

  16. Hello Mark, Your tech wizard knows what she is talking about. I now have a new computer and 2 external hard drives. One is an iomega with huge storage that updates itself.
    I wouldn't remove your images from your computer's hard drive. That is where they belong I was told by my expert. Just this morning, I purchased extra storage from Picasa. 80GB for $20 a year. You can also purchase 20GB for $5 per year. If I can store 3,000 pictures on 1 GB just think of what can be stored with 20 GB or even 80 or more.

    Now I need to study Picasa's features so that I can organize and categorize my many thousands of pictures.

    Thank you for your friendship. Have a great weekend. Gina

  17. Hi Gina, I save all my photos to Picasa and make any changes to the photos there. The ones I decide to keep are then saved on my computer to "my pictures" and the others are deleted. You can delete photos from "my pictures" and they will not be deleted from your blog.

  18. Hi Sherry, I have been using Picnik for editing and then saving to "My Pictures". I knew that removing from "My Pictures" would not affect my blog photos. It is when I removed some of them from Picasa that I got into trouble. Still, had I not dropped one of my external hard drives I could have retrieved those pictures. It only affected about 4 blog posts out of more than 200.
    Are you not also saving your pictures on an external hard drive? Most likely Picasa is not going to disappear, but stranger things have happened.
    Thank you for your comment. Now that I have added more memory to Picasa I will have to take advantage of some of their features, just as you have.

  19. Whoa!
    I didn't even know about the blog photos also being on Picasa. Hmm, I guess I need to check this out!


  20. I live in the middle of the desert, and most probably know much less than you do....lol!!!

  21. Hi Ann, Isn't it great to have another storage for your photographs? One you didn't count on having.
    P. S. You need to select your prize for winning my last contest.

  22. Hi CAS, Welcome and thank you for your visit. Hope you have air conditioning...it's even getting warm here.