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Friday, June 29, 2012

Yes, there is color

In my House

Yes, Lavender,

and Yellow,

and more lavender,
all lovingly hand block printed in France.

And the walls are three layers of Peach,

And there is also lots of Gold,

And Desert Peach Marble floors,

And Roses from my Garden.  And it all makes me so happy.

Have a great remainder of the week my dear
Blogging Friends.



  1. Gina,
    you are the Mistress of Color!
    A true artist, artisan, interior architect, a homemaker of the highest order!
    I so enjoy looking at your home, it makes my heart sing every time I come here.
    A wonderful and safe weekend to you and your neighbors near and far,

  2. My colors too, dear Gina. Most of my house is painted Flan (a soft peach), a lavender bedroom, yellow guest bedroom, green kitchen and dining area. I love color. xo

  3. Dear Gina - everything in your home looks so exquisite and inviting. It takes great artistic skill to be able to combined things in the way you do. A delicious mix of colours highlighted with gold.
    Hope all is well with the burning fire, and that it has died away now.

  4. GORGEOUS GINA! A truely unique home that I hope to be able to see one day. When will you reveal your new kitchen... I'm anxious to see your new countertops.

    Hoping the fire has turned in direction and away from your property.

  5. Well, that is some pretty indulgent pattern you have in your home! The palette is flawless against your roses. Your color sense is spot on!

  6. Dear Merisi, What lovely compliments! I am so flattered. Color makes me happy. Even on dreary days my house gives me a lift. It is always nice to come home to when we have been away. Happy Sunday to you. ox, Gina

  7. Dear Barbara, I like your color choices. Lavender is a color few people like yet it is one of the easiest and most uplifting colors in the color spectrum. Thank you for your visit. Have a great Sunday. ox, Gina

  8. Dear Rosemary, Walking into my living room always calls for opening a bottle of champagne. Don't know why but it is so.
    This is a very strange year. We have said that before. We still have fires but not as close to our house as last week. Having experienced fires close to our house several times I think of the poor people who live in Colorado. Many homes have burnt and many people are suffering.

  9. Hi Mary, Don't know why I can't decide about the marble in my kitchen. The counter tops I have now are rose colored marble tiles we installed ourselves. They are OK for now. I think that I want to change it to Carrera slab marble. Living so far away from the city makes everything more complicated.

  10. Dear Theresa, Indulgent pattern is the right observation. Not only are there color combinations that would scare most people, there is also lots of pattern...just the way I like it. When we built our house, 17 years ago, we brought most of our furniture from the city house. The uphostered pieces were a new gift to myself.