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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Just a quick hello

My garden is looking better

Still, much more to do.

I don't know why we work so hard in our garden.  Every night we have frost,  it is not very kind to our plants...the chickens keep escaping, I didn't know that Arugula was on their menu.

My daisies don't mind the cold and the chickens are happy eating the rest of my new garden.
Thank you my dear Blogging Friends  for being such loyal readers. 
Have a great remainder of the week.


  1. Enjoy your garden, dear Gina and...i can see that your chickens have a fine palate ! Your daisy bed looks so pretty and romantic...keep up the good work !

  2. Your gardens and all your property is so spectacular. I think you are rewarded for your efforts. xo

  3. Just saying a quick hello back Gina, don't tire yourself out too much.
    I now know what Arugula is, I discovered on my trip to Anna Maria Island last year that it is what we call Rocket. The waitress was surprised when I asked what Arugula was, however, if I had seen it I would have known. I love Arugula, and could eat it everyday.

  4. Your hardy daisies are just gorgeous en masse! I do love that unusual jug too. Don't work too hard, Gina - you must surely need time to relax after the big show.

  5. Dear Gina,
    thank you so much for your comments. I was pleased to read that you thought i might be going. No..that's not happening. I will be around
    A busy hectic week with the Queen's jubilee and guests. Its also been very very hot here. It tires me out sometimes.
    Your daisies are absolutely magnificent, what a fantastic show there in your front garden.
    I did'nt know it was cold now in your part of the world!
    I eat Arugula (roculla) from time to time.. I like it, but not crazy about it. I find it a little hot.
    Happy gardening.
    xx val

  6. Gina, I do like that profile on the spout!

    I am sorry that you've still got frost. Here in New York we have a daily parade of cloud formations to rival the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade floats and balloons. So odd, all sorts of cumulus puffs against a brilliant blue sky. Some recent evenings these puffs collect themselves into proper rain clouds and let loose. Usually when I am about to leave work and head for the nearest subway station.

    Today is a day off, so ... although the clouds are dramatic, they just don't seem to have a shower in them.

    Isn't nature funny, unpredictable, and fascinating? xo

  7. OMG your daisies and yard are AMAZING!!! What a dream.....love love love it!

  8. Hi, Gina - That's a great pitcher — with that bearded spout, he has a lot of character! He appears to be the first cousin of a toby jug.

  9. Everything looks lovely, Gina. Don't work too hard, take a moment to enjoy the fruits of your labour! N.xo

  10. All is so pretty. I have just begun to try and catch up with what I have been missing. Happy weekend Gina~

  11. Dear Lala, wish I could taste some of your beautiful heart cookies, better yet, I would love to be in your kitchen baking with you.
    ox, Gina

  12. Dear Barbara, It does help to put in some serious hours of work but this has been a very strange year. Too windy and many freezing nights will undue almost all of it.

  13. Yes, Rocket is what most people call it. I also love the spicy flavor of it. That paired with French sorrel and watercress and apple make a very fine sald. Have a lovely weekend Rosemary. Your blog posts are such wonderful reading. I love it when you share with us your early childhood. Your grandmother was a very beautiful Lady. ox, Gina

  14. Dear Karen, You can't go wrong with daisies. I gather the spent whole flower heads and toss them wherever I would like to see them in my garden. Happy weekend to you, Gina

  15. Dear Val, When young, the arugula is not very hot but does have a little bite to it. JUust enough to give a sald the right amount of surprise.
    I sent you instructions for adding a blog list to your side bar. Let me know if it will help. I forget to say that you must be signed in to Blogger before you begin. Good Luck, ox, Gina

  16. Dear Frances, Yes, nature is funny. But this year is the strangest of them all. Many freezing nights have almost killed all of our fruit trees. We have no fruit whatsoever this year. Have a great weekend and enjoy your day off. xo, Gina

  17. Dear Tina, I see that you are beginning to landscape your property. Maybe you can save a spot for daisies. I will send you the seeds when they are and you are ready. ox, Gina

  18. Dear Mark, That pitcher is a very old one. I have had itfor over forty years. It came from a consignment shop in Santa Barbara. It was hand painted in Coimbra, Portugal, one of the major centers of ceramics. But you are right...it looks similar in design to the toby jugs of England.

  19. Dear Nella, There is always time to enjoy the sccenery around here. And we do take time out after a good days' work. Thank you for your comment. I am always so pleased to hear from you. ox, Gina

  20. Dear Mary, and a very happy weekend to you. Thank you so much for stopping by. Your visits are so appreciated. ox, Gina

  21. Hi Gina,

    I am off out for dinner. Thank you so much for your kind help. I will work on it over the weekend.
    The carpets are really beautiful.. very expensive as all hand made.
    Who knows!!
    best wishes for a relaxed weekend.
    val x

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