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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Collages, Mosaics and Overlays

Photo Editing Continued.
Collages, Mosaics and Overlay.

First things first,
Join PicMonkey
It's Free.


How to create a Collage

In PicMonkey click on collage.
Choose collage layout (2nd symbol)
Upload photos, select several to load at once.
Click on Auto Fill or arrange yourself.

Note:  whenever you get lost click on first symbol (Basic Edits).


How to create a Mosaic

click on Collages.
Choose Square Deal for Layout.
Upload your photos.
Arrange photos.
Get acquainted with symbols on left, such as transparencies, background color and photos.


How to make the round photograph I cannot divulge. That secret belongs to Rosemary of "Where Five Valleys Meet"

Overlays can be round, oval, square, etc.
It's the first photo you select that determines the shape.
How to make Overlays.
Go to Edit in Green photo box.
Upload your photo.
Click on third symbol from bottom in basic edits (heart, star and bubble).
Go to top and click on Your Own .
Select a photo from your files. Arrange size and place position of photo within first image.
Repeat as often as you like.
You can also edit your photos by using  "Erase" .
And if you have erased too much the "paintbrush" will correct your mistake.

The overlay feature can also be used for creating watermarks and Collages.
PicMonkey has wonderful tutorials which will walk you through all of their features.
 PicMonkey was designed by the same folks who created the original Picnik program.


 Happy creating my dear  
 Blogging Friends.



  1. Gina, once again you are so very generous with your technical advice.

    Now, I need another day off to try my luck with what you've been teaching us in this and prior posts.

    Many thanks. xo

  2. Oh my word! I am blown away by the beauty of this post. I love all of the ceramics you featured. Are they your work? And oh! That header-gorgeous! I can see I'm going to be doing a lot of browsing through your blog. laurie

  3. Hi Frances, Writing down the instructions takes a lot longer than actually doing it. PicMonkey has great prompts. Give it a go, it's quite easy and lots of fun.

  4. Hi Laurie, Yes the ceramics are mine. I think that you should come to my next workshop in October and I can teach you everything I know.

  5. Hello Ricky and welcome. How nice of you to visit and also leave a comment. Overlays are very interesting and if not careful can consume an entire day...they are so much fun to create.

  6. Hi Mary, I think your bird mosaics are stunning...such fine photography.

  7. Gorgeous collages! Thanks for the great tips. I love Picmonkey!

  8. Hello Green Willow, and welcome. I'm sold on PicMonkey and they don't even pay me royalties.

  9. Oh how happy I am to have found you via the gorgeous LaLa at My Castle in Spain. You blog is wonderful - and I can't wait to spend time going back through your posts. Thank you for this one too- very informative - such beautiful collages. Have a lovely day F

  10. Wow I just came from Lala's blog, this is amazing :-) thank you for sharing. I have tried PicMonkey this morning ♥

  11. Gina, you have created some beautiful collages and images. Thank you for sharing what you can do with PicMonkey and for sharing it with others. -Team PicMonkey

  12. Hello Francesca, I'm so pleased that you like my blog. Will look forward to seeing what you will do with all the collage features. Give it a try. It's fun.

  13. Hello Anne, Isn't PicMonkey fun to work with. So easy once you get the hang of it. Let me know if I can be of help.

  14. Hello Lisa of PicMonkey. How nice to hear from you. Just returned from Paris last night and noticed your wonderful comment. Well, you can tell how much I like your photo editing program. I have spread the news all over France.