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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Create your own

Personalized Drawer Pulls from ghost nest
First published February 5, 2011

The oh so very talented decorative painter and designer, Theresa Cheek of Art's The Answer! recently wrote a very interesting post about a San Francisco based company called ghost nest.

Theresa's Drawer Pulls show classic designs embedded within. 

I wanted to try something different and chose images from my hand painted ceramics.

You provide the image and ghost nest will do the rest.  Each personalized drawer knob costs $8.  You can expect to receive them in 2 weeks.

Other shapes are available.

 Note: Because of the Lucite, images are difficult to photograph.  In real life they are sharp and clear.

How to:

Create an account with ghost nest
Log in with password
Next to ghost nest's logo click on Dreamerator.
Select square or round.
Go to top right of screen and click on Image
Go to left side of screen and click on Select Image
Then select Choose File or Flickr or Facebook or Google
(My images are filed in my computer, so I select Choose File)
Double click on your chosen image
Select Upload and wait for image to appear
Make slight adjustment by placing your image within the dotted red outline
Go to right of screen and click on Buy this Item.

You have now created your one-of-a-kind , your very first decorative, custom designed drawer knob. 

Repeat as often as needed. 

*Note for Mark, I can see some of your antique button collection embedded within the round designs.

What a great way to personalize an object.  Give them a try and have fun.




  1. Dear Gina,

    You thought of the antique buttons before I did (!!), and what a great idea! My first thought was to send pulls with family photographs to my niece and nephew, but the possibilities for personalization are endless (including ceramic tiles). What a great gift idea! 140 shopping days until Christmas!

  2. Dear Mark, What about your beautiful Mandalas? And your Greek key designs for square drawer pulls. Maybe make a wooden rack and use pulls to hang items. Possibilities are endless, exactly.

  3. This is a grand idea...I predict a giant success for Theresa. There are endless possibilities.


  4. Hello LindyLou, As Mark (above) suggested Christmas is not far. A great stocking stuffer this might be.

  5. Dear Frances, Theresa won a set of these in a contest last year. I don't think that she is making them. But there is no reason why she or you couldn't. Any image will do. Ghost Nest even provides images for you to use on their website.

  6. Dear Gina - what a wonderful idea, and so simple. Plenty of time until Christmas to put the thinking cap on. The scope for them is unlimited. Thank you for showing and sharing.

  7. A great artist.. what an ingenious idea. As Rosemary wrote.. plenty of time until Christmas.!!
    I like them very much. I see you have some of your designs there too Gina.
    thank you for sharing this site.
    wishing you a happy week
    val xx

  8. Dear Rosemary, Wouldn't some of your beautiful roundels look great in the round versions of this product. There is no need to purchase expensive hardware when you can design your own.

    1. What a very interesting thought Gina - thanks

  9. Dear Val, and a happy week to you too. What do you think about incorporating portraits of your lovely horses into the design?