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Thursday, August 23, 2012

When in Rome

One of the challenges, when traveling in Europe, is finding the perfect place the night before flying home. 

After many years we have found two such perfect places.

One outside of Rome and the other near Paris.

It must be close to the airport.

The surrounding area should be interesting, a place where you can go for a stroll to stretch your legs before the long flight home. 
Ostia Antica is such a place.

A nice Hotel where you can get a good nights rest.

The Rodrigo de Vivar Hotel is inside the Medieval Borgo by the old Castle of Giulio II della Rovere in the Center of Ostia Antica. 
The hotel is a 20 minutes drive from Rome's Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino airport.  The center of Rome is an hour away.


The Hotel must be easy to find.

You will see the Castle Tower as you drive into town.
The hotel is inside the ancient stone arch. 

And right across the street from the hotel are the fantastic excavations of  Ostia Antica, the ancient harbor of Rome, now silted up.

You can walk along Ostia's mile-long paved streets. 

You can spend hours wandering through this very large excavation admiring ancient architecture and mosaics.

At its peak Ostia Antica covered 10,000 acres.  

adapted from ostiaanticahotels

Ostia Antica is serene and cool.
The perfect place to spend the day before flying home.

Next week I will tell you about my favorite hotel near the Paris Airport.

Have a great remainder of the week, my dear
Blogging Friends.



  1. Perfect! I have an acquaintence who will be in Rome in late September and is considering an extra day in Rome. I will pass this on to her - AND I will make a note of this hotel for myself. Ostia Antica is one of those places I had to say, "...now I have a reason to return to Rome!"

  2. Dear Gina - I sense a big adventure is on the horizon for you. Very useful and good advice for those who have to cross the Atlantic to get back home, a time to relax before the long journey home.
    Curiously, and knowing how great minds think alike, I have briefly mentioned Ostia Antica in a new post which I shall be showing shortly.

  3. Dear Gina,
    This is a lovely post. Your images are beautiful of Ostia Antica. The hotel looks elegant just the place to rest before a big flight.
    Rome is a wonderful city. Maybe next time a visit to Ostia Antica.

  4. Worth remembering if we ever have guests who have a very early am flight home, we can send them here. :)

  5. Hello Mary, Have your friends read comments about the Rodrigo de Vivar first. It may not be perfect for them. It is for us. But we all have different ideas of what pleases us.

  6. Dear Rosemary, Yes, it's only a few weeks and we are off. I am so glad you posted about Ostia Antica and Latrines of the world. At least Ostia Antica had flowing water beneath the public toilets.

  7. Dear Val, The Rodrigo Hotel is charming. I wouldn't call it elegant. It has a lot of character and should be checked out with Trip Advisor for there are some comments that might change your mind.
    But there is no doubt about Ostia Antica. I hope that you get to visit it one day. I have seen other such sites, Pompeii and Ephesus come to mind. Ostia Antico beats them all.

  8. Hi LindyLou, As mentioned above, the Rodrigo has received a few comments on Trip Advisor that would be important to consider. They also have a Country Inn, about a mile further down the road. When the restaurant is open, fine family style meals are served which have become legendary.

  9. Dear Gina - Great photographs, and I can see that Ostia Antica provides equally great reference for ceramic decorations. I'm thinking in particular of the garland and profile . . .

  10. Dear Mark, And what about those fantastic Lions. You are right. I look at patterns differently...fabrics, architecture, nature, even floors and ordinary tablecloths are fodder for the libray in my head. Thanks for your visit; have a great weekend. Gina