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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Modus Operandi

From North to South and back again.
From Amsterdam to Cortona.

The "Romantic Parkhotel Wasserburg Anhalt"
Isselburg, Germany.

We don't fly by the seat of our pants anymore.  
We now make reservations ahead of time.  

The Wasserburg is only about a 2 hour drive from Amsterdam...
perfect after a long flight. 

It's called "Wasserburg" because it has a watery moat all around.

                              stimme.de                                                                  andersschlafen.de

2nd night out.  "Hotel Park Villa Heilbronn"

The husband was away on safari in Africa.

I was invited to watch the cheetahs while they were being fed. 

Where else but on the internet would one find such a special place.   

4th night.  "Schloss Mitterhart" Schwaz, Austria.
Getting ready to cross the Alps and into Italy.  

5th night out.  Bypassing Bolzano this time and  staying near Trento, Italy, at the  "Villa Madruzzo", Italy.

For this stay you will need a good GPS to find this villa perched on the side of a mountain.  

6th and 7th night.  
Country Inn "Borgo Il Melone", Cortona, Italy.

A very special place.  
Just far enough away from the maddening crowds of Cortona. 

Now heading north.
8th night out.  

"Corte Motte", Italy, a horse farm.
South of Mantua and north of Modena.  

9th night out.  
"Hotel Goldenes Rössl", Bressanone (Brixen), Italy.

I want her hair.  

The "Arlberg Tunnel" was closed.
That sign points to the same village.  

Because the tunnel was closed it gave us an opportunity to see new and spectacular country.  

10th night.

Hotel "Die Linde" Höchst, Austria.

11th night out.

"Hostellerie Schwendi" Kientzheim, Alsace, France.

It's all about Fachhäuser.

Gourmet dining and wine.

12th night out and still heading north to point of beginning.  

Hotel "Schloss Zell", Mosel River, Germany.


13th night out. 

A little side trip to the Rhine River and 
"Landgasthof zum Weissen Schwanen"
Braubach, Germany.

14th night out. near the German/Holland border. 
"Burghotel Pass"

They gave us the best room in the house, the tower suite reached by steep and winding stairs.

The last night, before flying home, we stayed at the "Citizen M" hotel by the airport. 
Not much to be said about this hotel except that it is convenient if you have an early morning flight.  

I made all of the reservations months before. 
I used "booking.com" 

One can make reservations and cancel free of charge. Money is not collected until you check out of the hotel.  

I especially like the photographs and recommendations given by other travelers.

This has been our modus operandi for the last 3 trips to Europe. 

It has worked well for us.  I've already made reservations for next April.  

Happy travels to you. 



  1. Gina, you two made a wonderful roundtrip in Europe and stayed at some magnificent places. Then I came to your last hotel and I was surprised. We stayed there in June with our garden club of 20 ladies. Not in the tower suite, but I've seen it because the lady of the house gave us a tour around the house.

    1. Hello Janneke, How interesting that you also stayed at this lovely place. The gardens must have been beautiful in June. It rained the day we were there, yet the gardens were still very pretty.

  2. Dear Gina,
    Thank you for sharing these charming hotels from your most recent sojourn. One is more special than the next but the Parkhotel Wasserburg
    with a moat all around sounds extra special. Your photos are great too and it is wonderful to see the world through your artistic eye.
    Warm greetings, Sieglinde

    1. Dear Sieglinde, You would have loved the Wasserburg. It is a very large place situated in beautiful country scenery. The dining was elegant and delicious. This trip was designed to visit and see many places. Our plan was to find a special place for a future trip next year. We found such a place in Italy. I have already made reservations for next Spring.
      Thank you for your sweet comment. I love hearing from you.

  3. Dear Gina, Beautiful and inspiring photos. Thanks for sharing them, and for sharing the tip about Bookings.com.

    1. Hello Darlene, Even if you are not planning a trip right away it is fun to go traveling on the internet. "booking.com" makes it all possible. Thank you for your visit.

  4. Dear Gina,

    Each one of your stays looks so charming and colorful, and I am enjoying all the attention to detail and how pristine everything looks. I am very attracted to the last image, maybe because it reminds me of Pompeii. Thanks for the valuable introduction to your booking site.

    1. Dear Mark. How are you? We miss you. How so very nice to hear from you. I was reminded of your beautiful Pompeiian room when we stayed at the Burghotel.
      I have found the perfect place for the next trip. Have a look at "Relais Sant'Elena, Bibbona, Italy. The perfect place to just stay put, yet right in the middle of everything, just in case you get the wanderlust.