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Sunday, June 19, 2016

One step closer

to having the flower mystery solved. 

The two unidentified flowers are hiding in the photos.

Happy Sunday to you dear friends.  


  1. I see balsam (lower photos deep pink), but they're growing differently than that balsam I grow. Top left I see foxglove, morning glory, and what looks like lavender marsh mallows(?).

    1. Hello May, You are right there is a foxglove in the picture but It is not part of my mystery flower bouquet (see previous post). The other flowers, you mentioned, are not part of the bouquet. Thank you for stopping by and participating. It is very much appreciated.

  2. I can see Minulus now Gina - but don't believe I could see Petunias - the main problems is the lavender plant that looks like a Campanula from its white stamens! I shall have to give up♡

    1. Dear rosemary, Yes a Mimulus. Have a look at the seed pods of the lavender flower.

  3. All I can say at this point dear Gina is that your flowers are gorgeous. . . . . . . and I have to agree that the lovely Rosemary seems to be our British expert on naming them. Oh how I would love to see her garden at this time of year - England blooms beautifully in June!
    Many thanks for the hollyhock note today - I'm hoping so much that this one will give me viable seeds later, Yes, I do know that they are bi-ennial and that patience will be required. Hopefully 'rust' will stay away - so far no problem as we've had a nice dry spell with little rain and no humidity which is unusual in NC at this time of year. Not complaining though!
    Doing better - tomorrow will be my first day out after surgery - hope I don't scare people! Of course Bob jokes and says he'll tell people he slipped with the carving knife while doing kitchen duties! I do hope I heal well, but of course realize it will be a long time before the scar eventually fades.

    Love and hugs - Mary X

    1. Dear Mary, I was so delighted to see one of your hollyhocks bloom...and exactly the same day that one of mine showed her first bloom. To prevent rust pull out 3 year plants. Hollyhocks love to be watered from the bottom. I give them a very long drink from an open hose. Don't worry about seeds. I have plenty. I will send a little bag to you so that you can now broadcast them out into your garden. It will give you a head start next Spring.
      Scars are not important. What is important is that you are doing well. I had recent surgery to remove a skin cancer from the side of my face. It was a large scar. I used a highly concentrated Vitamin E oil. It's been 3 months and the scar has disappeared.