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Friday, June 10, 2016

Italy, the beautiful Part IV

There are places in Italy that I have to see again and again.

Florence is such a place. 

And the small villages of the  Florentine Hills and the Chianti Valley. 

The perfect location from which to see all of it is the small hilltop  town of Impruneta where clay pots reign supreme.

This is the town square of Impruneta.  In the lower left hand corner you see the sign for  the bus station.  

 In 15 minutes you are in the center of Florence.  

Park your car at your Inn in Impruneta and leave the driving to an expert.  
Busses leave both directions every 1/2 hour.  

And then there is the drive from Impruneta to Volterra. 

You will want to stop at every turn of the road. 

One breath taking view after another.  

Those hard working and clever Italians don't like to waste space.  Here they are growing soy beans in between rows of grape vines.  

So much beauty everywhere it makes your heart sing.  

The Amalfi Coast drive is spectacular but the Chianti Valley is as beautiful, only in a different way.  

It was lunch time and as if by magic, this sign appeared. 

 It was delicious.  

We stayed at the Country Relais Villa L' Olmo, a 16th century Villa in the center of Impruneta. 

Have a great week dear friends. 



  1. Dear Gina, you have enchanted me with your many views of Impruneta, and the information of easily lovely (if crowded) Florence may be reach by a bus ride. (I also will add Impruneta to the list of potential dog names I have been collecting for a young pup I so wish will eventually be part of my daily joy ... and responsibility.)

    Truly the wide horizontal pictures really do call to me.

    Thank you for all of this post. xo

    1. Dear Frances, Yes Florence was crowded, very crowded. It was a national holiday. Even more reason to take advantage of public transportation. We just strolled through the busy streets enjoying the people and the grand scenery.
      What is really exciting news Frances is that you are going to have a puppy. Your life will change. You will wonder how you ever lived without the love of such a sweet companion. Can we have a puppy naming contest?

    2. Gina, the puppy for whom I collect names is not entering into my household while I still live in my tiny apartment. It's yet another one of my country dreams. xo

    3. Oh, I was hoping so. We love our dogs so much that I wanted you to have the same happiness.

  2. Dear Gina - your lovely Italian views remind me of the wonderful backgrounds to many of the great Renaissance paintings.
    I know Florence well, Volterra too, but don't think that I have been to Impruneta - I must visit Italy again sometime soon.

    1. Dear rosemary, It's those trees. There are trees in Italy that do not grow anywhere else. No wonder one can immediately identify a paining by analyzing the surroundings.
      Impruneta is a wonderful little town and so convenient. There are many options for choosing lovely place to stay. Can't wait to see that part of Italy through your eyes.

  3. Fascinating landscapes in your photos make me happy.

    1. Hello roughterrain, So glad you stopped by and so delighted that my photos made you happy. Thank you for comment.

  4. Dear Gina,
    Your first photo seems almost like a painting with the reflection of clouds and buildings in the window. Outstanding! The hills outside of Florence look peaceful and quiet, without traffic, and so picturesque. What a lovely drive you must have had in this area which keeps calling you back.
    Happy greetings, Sieglinde

    1. Dear Sieglinde, It was raining and then the sun came out over the Arno River. I took the photo from the bus and through the glass windows. Just one of those sunny moments. I don't know how those Italian bus drivers manage. Sometimes we are inches from disaster or so it seems.

  5. Beautiful photos Gina - Italy truly has stunning scenery, especially Tuscany. We drove through Impruneta on our way from Siena to Firenze - I was overwhelmed by visions of the amazing terracotta pots stacked everywhere! Your hotel looked lovely, and that restaurant with the interior stone walls is so typical of the area. I would love to go back some day.

    Mary x

    1. Dear Mary, I was trying to figure out how to get some of those terra cotta pots home with me. The easiest way would probably be to find an importer. We rented an apartment in Impruneta. Sometimes it's nice to have a little kitchen.
      Italy was celebrating a major holiday when we were in Impruneta. The square was filled with locals getting ready to watch the parade and big band. It felt good to be part of a celebration.

  6. Gorgeous photos. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Hello Valerie, Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. It is so appreciated.