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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Good Grief, I just noticed.

My chickens are reaching through the fence. 

Aha, I caught you.  No use looking so innocent now. 

They are eating my new Sweet Pea Shoots.

No use denying it.  I've seen you do it. 

A summer without Sweet Peas? 

Now listen here girls, I'm watching you. 

 If it hairlips a hog, I will have Sweet Peas this year.  

One of every color in the rainbow. 

And one more thing. 
The Ronde de Nice seeds I saved from last year's crop did not look promising.
But now I see that I will have enough of these delectable little squash to share with the entire town. 

(They may show up on your doorstep).

Have a great remainder of the week, dear friends. 



  1. Beautiful photos.
    And I happen to love chickens.

  2. Hello Rick, Chickens are a messy bunch. Believe it or not each one of them has a different personality. There is always one in the bunch that likes to come over and talk to me when I'm in the garden.

  3. Dear Gina,
    in the garden one will always find something nibbling on some plants. If it is not the many little caterpillars,
    the grapes go to the birds and the squirrels make a mess of the pots. Your colorful chickens will probably reward
    you with extra special eggs after a meal of the Sweet Peas.Love all your photos and the carved wood design.
    Hugs, Sieglinde

    1. Dear Sieglinde, I guess no Gardener is immune from the destruction of all kinds of critters. Every year is different. It's always a juggling act. What is more important, fresh eggs or Sweet Peas.
      The carved wood is a detail from a large piece of an Italian highboy. It holds my china and crystal.

  4. Dear Gina - I love that you have such a wonderful variety of chickens all dressed in different colours - it does look though as if sufficient sweet peas will survive their snips for you to also enjoy them. I am having trouble with my morning glories - everytime a seedling appears and gets established something, I know not what, comes along in the nightime and snips it off.

    1. Dear Rosemary, Your morning glory story is amazing. I can't imagine what critter would like them. They are somewhat poisonous, aren't they? My morning glories volunteer prolifically and I have to make sure that they don't overwhelm some of the spaces. I can't think of anything that might work.
      One idea might be placing a shallow dish filled with beer and check it very early in the morning. See what might have drowned or come by for a visit.

    2. Thanks for the tip Gina - I am also going to put a polythene bag over them for the night.

    3. Good Luck Rosemary. Let me know if it works.