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Sunday, April 18, 2010

On the road to Marrakech

North Africa

On the road from Fez to Marrakech. Nothing but sand and the occasional Oasis in the distance

A few camels on the horizon
Now and then Life out of nowhere, by a water well. And then nothing for a long while and then all of a sudden color, lots and lots of it.

On either side of the road a fantastic scene repeated over and over. Riders on Arabian horses. Diaphanous material of azure blue, citrine yellow, emerald green, iridescent studded jewels and gems, and kohl black eyes.

Astride, on the first Arabian horse a most beautiful woman sitting in front of a handsome Rider. The next woman on a horse, by herself, also beautiful, the next and then the next, a little older a little less beautiful and then a woman dressed in black on a donkey.

Where were they all going? A fantastic scene. And I couldn't take pictures. I was warned not to take pictures of women in North Africa. But never mind, the picture is still vivid in my mind and I am going back to Marrakech in September.

And then outside of a small village a huge gathering. It was market day. That is where everyone was going; to the weekly Market.

Every animal imaginable was being traded or sold.

But where are the beautiful women we just passed? There must be more. Is this their day to spend time with their women friends to gossip and renew friendships? Are they kept hidden?

A very brisk trade of Arabian Horses was in progress. I was the only woman in the area. Maybe I should not have been there!

And there was a particular horse, this one. You could hear the exitement when the rider brought it into the open market. Loud shouting, frantic bidding, secret hand movements and the stallion was sold.

I didn't partake. Purchased nothing that was alive. Was content with less moveable objects.

Will be having a new experience in Marrakech, staying at the newly opened Peacock Pavilions.



  1. How exciting to be planning on travels in September! Marrakech is on my list, after Istanbul and Lisbon ... but they'll have to wait:(

  2. Hi Francesca,
    We work hard all year and then reward ourselves with a trip, usually in September after our garden is put to bed. We have been to all three places you mentioned and I can't tell you which is my favorite.
    Hope you get to see all of them and then some.