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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Come along with me and win a prize

Let's see if you can win a prize!

Remember my earlier post entitled "I'm a copycat" ? here Thought you might like to see how really easy it is to paint your own set of dishes.

Contest rules will follow.

But first, let's learn the process. With underglaze pigments and once-fired-bisque plates (all available at any ceramic store) begin by painting a simple line. Then "attach" fruit and leaves. Then color inside the lines with colors appropriate to the design.

The image in the lower right is the finished plate after it has been fired. (Take your plate to a ceramic shop to be fired).

Now then, here is your test. Look carefully at these designs and compare them to the finished plates (below) and tell me what small detail is missing.

The winner will receive this charming, hand painted Lozenge shaped Tile. It comes complete with hanger in back, ready to hang.

If we have more than one winner, the lucky person will be chosen by the usual group of judges, who are standing by, having a glass or two of champagne.

All entries will be considered. The contest will close midnight (your time) on August 22, 2010.

The finished set of dishes, fired in my kiln to 1823 degrees Fahrenheit to last many lifetimes.

Good Luck!



  1. Gina, what a gift and what an art! The finished set if gorgeous. The splashes of blue and turquoise really add to it.
    PS I'm not entirely sure about what I should be comparing, so I'll just have to give it a miss!

  2. Dear Francesca, Don't give up. Additional comments from readers might give a clue. Maybe I made this too difficult. I will know in a day or two. If so, I will give a few more details.

    But the answer is there.

  3. Gosh, I surely don't see it!!! It must be a REALLY small detail :) But your prize is beautiful, once again!!!

  4. Hi Barbara, It really is not a small detail. I will give another clue in a few days.

  5. Is it the veining in the leaves????? There are more lines drawn in the final shots. ......you KNOW how much I love lozenge shaped tiles!!!!!!

  6. I think it's the detailed lines on the leaves and by the way, the finished plates are beautiful!

  7. I noticed it right away. The plates are missing the veins. These are beautiful plates! Got your message on my wall. I have been traveling in California but will try to get down to SC soon. Thanks, I am excited to see them.

  8. My dear Readers. Only six more days and the winner will be revealed. So, please send in your comments and answers. Remember, judges are standing by.