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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Eureka was once a bustling Utah Mining Town

Old Mining Headstock just outside of Eureka

From our house there are two ways to get to Eureka.
We can head for Tooele (Too-i-la) by the Great Salt Lake
or we can head west and take the back roads.

Where you will not see another car for hours and hours

Where you will see sage brush and tumble weeds caught along the fence line

And after three hours you will reach Eureka, a Modern Day Ghost Town where a sign painted on a brick wall proclaims  "A NEW PAIR FREE if they RIP"

Where you will find the preserved cabin once belonging to Porter Rockwell who became the bodyguard of Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormon Church
Joseph Smith advised  Porter Rockwell  'cut not thy hair and no bullet or blade will harm you'.

Eureka was one of the quietest mining towns in the West.
In 1910 it was the 9th largest city in Utah, population 3,500.
Today, about 250 people live in Eureka

Of course, it has a saloon, I mean bar, and possibly, even dancing girls.

You will find several churches.

And a company store.  (Would love to see the old sign underneath)

Unnoticed, old and new, live side by side, harmoniously

A glass facade but not a roof to protect the interior.

Why the glass wall? 

Is someone living behind those curtains? 

Who walked up these stairs?

We call these "Fixer Uppers."  Love the Balcony.  Are you up for the challenge?

Going home, not even a contrail to keep us company.



  1. Oh Gina, this is so wonderful and authentic!

    I would like to jump in an airplane straight away to visit the place!

    Thank you so much for this exiting post with all the stunning photos!

    Herzlichen Gruss

  2. Thank you for the beautiful journey. It is wonderful to see some of our American landscapes through the eyes of people all over the world. We shouldn't take it for granted because it is lovely and so different.

  3. I'm really fascinated by this tour, Gina – I really didn't know the history but can imagine it is so interesting to walk around Eureka. And beautiful, pristine scenery and sky adds to the sort of wistful atmosphere. Wonderful! Hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day! xo – g

  4. Dear Karin, One of our German friends actually had a panic attack on a similar road. I'm glad that you would like the experience. Come for a visit.

  5. Dear Sarah, our European friends are always amazed at our wide open spaces. You are right, we shouldn't take it for granted.

  6. Dear Georgianna, Have you taken photographs of old mining towns? Combined with your beautiful flower images. What a combination that would be!

  7. What an interesting tour of an extraordinary place! Wouldn't this make a great location for a movie?

  8. Dear Francesca, Come visit and see for yourself.

  9. Dear Karen, We have several old mining towns out here in the West. Park City is one of the best known worldwide because of the Sundance Film Festival