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Monday, August 15, 2011

Need to Paint

My Dear Blogging Friends.
I'm going to take a couple of weeks away from blogging.

I will be preparing for an Exhibit at the Springville Art Museum.

Also, I need to replenish my studio for the Annual Artist Studio Tour early next month.

I will miss you, but I will be checking in now and then.

Cheers, Gina


  1. Gina, have a great time but hurry back to us! I received the handsome ram today, and you should receive my card by Friday. Thanks again! xo,

  2. Hello, dear Gina! We'll miss you, too. I'm sorry I've been so absent this summer. Look forward to getting back in touch when you are finished your shows. Wishing you great success! xo – g

  3. I will miss your lovely posts, Gina, but wish you happy and productive painting-time, and look forward to seeing some of the results!. Karen x

  4. Hi Barbara, Feels good to be missed. Thank you. So glad you received your tile. It's always a relief to know that it arrived in one piece. See you soon, Gina

  5. Dear Georgianna, You had such a good excuse to be somewhat absent this Summer... and you have so much to show for it. Your photographs of small villages in France are outstanding. Will look forward to seeing more.
    I always enjoy our Artist Studio Tour. It feels good to have so many returning customers. It is also quite an honor to be asked to exhibit at the Springville Fine Arts Museum. So, I want to do my best. Thank you for always being so supportive. Gina

  6. Dear Karen, I will check your beautiful posts...wouldn't want to miss a single one of them. I have followed your travels from Portugal (thank you for posting so many pictures of Portuguese tiles)to now, France. I want to visit every little corner of every little place you have shared with us.

  7. Good luck, Gina! I will miss your posts. PS - I haven't been able to post comments on your blog recently, so hopefully this one will work! Have a great time becoming "painting refreshed"!!!

  8. Hi Barbara, Yes, the comment did come through. Have you been painting? I have been concentrating on getting ready for my 2 shows. The Artist Studio Tour is always a lot of fun.

  9. Gina- Enjoying it away? I bet you are!
    I know it is bittersweet.

    Embrace each minute and take the time to relax, too. It is so easy to forget that, but is so important to the creative process. I'm trying to figure out how to get Pieter to take a bit of time off here and there. When it's your own business, it's challenging!


  10. Dear Ann, Owning your own business changes everything. You try to deliver your work even if it means working Saturdays and Sundays. I do know that there is a lot of satisfaction in doing it right and our reward is having clients who are happy and will come back for more.
    I hope you and Pieter take time out to enjoy each other and your beautiful garden.