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Monday, September 5, 2011

I'm supposed to be painting for the Artist Studio Tour

But my Garden keeps calling

Our tomatoes are ripe

The gooseberries, the red currants, the rhubarb, the cherries, the strawberries and more, all have been harvested and preserved in one way or another.
Oh yes, I forgot the pickles and the beets.  They were all taken care of, as well.

Now the tomatoes are ripe and need attention.  And here is the hero of the day, our friend  Steven, attorney extraordinaire and fine French chef, has saved us hours upon hours of work.

I have a very complicated gizmo.  It even has a motor, which I never used.  I like cranking things by hand. It separates tomatoes from their seeds and skins, and, it is very messy.

But Steven uses a blender.  I didn't believe that it would work.  But hallelujah, it does.  It saved us hours of work and the clean up was a breeze.

But you need one of these. 
This one I inherited from Gene's mother.
I didn't know what an important piece of machinery it was until I started to get real serious about canning. 

 Even Gene doesn't mind helping.  After all, this gadget is over 80 years old and it really works.  After chopping up the tomatoes in the blender you then simply strain through this fabulous gadget (please tell me the name of this thing).

We were finished in less than 1/2 an hour.  We opened a bottle of champagne and watched life on the pond and the blue skies of San Pete County.

Wishing you a perfect weekend, my dear blogging friends



  1. Hi Gina, I believe your strainer is called a Chinaman's cap. I always wanted one, but all I make is tomato sauce, never canned anything, but you are slowly convincing me that it is well worth the work involved. Unfortunately, I don't have any of my own crops. xo,

  2. I also own an old fruit colander.
    It makes perfect sense to me that you enjoy the crank version of the "gizmo"...all artists are very hands on people!!

  3. Such bounty from your garden, Gina. Your kitchen looks like a good place to be right now.

  4. Gina

    I'm glad the blender method worked. The strainer you show is called a chinois and pestle. It also works great for making smooth potages and bisques.


  5. Hi, Gina - I would have called your tool a pestle, but I like Barbara F.'s "Chinaman's cap" so much better!

  6. Hello dear Gina,
    i see you're entering the new season in full tomato mode :-) This wooden tool, pestle then, is the best ! these last days, i've been drying tomatoes in the sun, it's amazing how they shrink.
    Enjoy your beautiful garden!


  7. This is great, Gina!
    I forgotten the old blender and see it again here it brings good memories back to me!
    My goodness - you are q busy lady! Sehr fleissig!

    Again - so beautiful images! Everyone a still life on its own. You are an artist in every sense!

    When ever you find a minute or two - between "Einmachen, Malen, Fotografieren und...." - have a look at my post from 6th September, I included you.

    Hat Dich schon das Reisefieber gepackt? Denn nun geht's ja bald los to good old Europe!

    Herzlichen Gruss,

  8. Hi Barbara, You would be surprised how easy it is to can a few items. Especially fruit preserves, and they make such great presents. Give it a try.

  9. Hi Theresa, There is a paucity of fancy machinery in my kitchen. Often, it is the clean up that is so much faster. it also reminds me of growing up in East Germany where everything was done by hand.

  10. Hi Karen, My garden is working extra hard this year. It's been a bountiful year and nothing makes me happier than canning and preserving and sharing with friends.

  11. Hi Mark, Thank you for your visit. I've been a bit absent but have been reading your special posts. Always so interesting and informative. You are appreciated.

  12. Dear Lala, So glad to see you posting again. Hope you had a wonderful summer. I love dried tomatoes, their flavors so itensified and so welcome in the winter months.

  13. Hi Christine and hello Steven, Thanks for the great tip and of course I knew that you would know the official name of my "gizmo".
    Soon we will be celebrating with a glass of fine Alto Adige wine. It's getting close.

  14. Oh my natural goodness! I am so happy to see somebody canning. My mom always just called that same tool a strainer.

    Thank you so very much for linking up!

  15. Dear Karin, How very generous of you to include me in your fine group of special blogs. I am so flattered. Thank you so very much.
    Yes, another week and we are off to your country and then to Italy. It will be a leisurely trip, so welcome after all this hustle and bustle.