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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Doesn't have to be

Orchids don't have to be white.
They can be red or yellow or purple.

Serving Platters don't have to be plain.
I can add your initials.

Or I can add your family crest. 

It will make you feel special.

Or a simple garland.

  With just a touch of Gold

Christmas decorations don't have to be new.

They have more meaning when they've been around a while.

Candles don't have to be white.

A little gold leaf adds just the right touch.

Or a few pressed flowers from your garden.

Reminds you of when everything was nice and green outside.

Ribbons and wrapping paper doesn't have  to be store bought.

A few stamps and a bit of paint will do.

And neither do you have to buy your Christmas Cards.

You can print your own. 

Maybe your style is more simple.

You're the Boss.

But whatever you do.   

Make it your own.

Happy creating my dear
Blogging Friends.




  1. Thank you, Gina, for sharing your creative ideas and suggestions for Christmas with us!
    I love especially your hand blocked wrapping paper and the jam labels.

    1. Dear Merisi, Printing with stamps is so easy. It is also a good way to use up worn out computer mouse pads. Just cut out a shape with scissors and start printing.

  2. Replies
    1. Hello Ano, Thank you for stopping by. I'm happy that you like my ideas.

  3. Dear Gina - a rich cornucopia of beautiful ideas - thank you for your generosity in sharing them with everyone.
    Like Merisi - I particularly like the idea of printing your own wrapping paper.
    Sending you best wishes for the Christmas season.

    1. Dear Rosemary. The secret of printing with stamps is to keep printing until most of the paint is gone. That makes for an interesting background, especially if block printed over the top of the faded designs. Give it a try. With your artistic eye I can see wonderful creations. ox, Gina

  4. Such wonderful creative ideas Gina.
    I always love reading your posts.
    I love the idea of flowers on the candles... I will be opening my pot pourri tomorrow. I will add some cinemon sticks and some essences maybe.!
    Your plates are divine.
    Thank you Gina, for sharing these super photos and ideas.
    best wishes.

    1. Dear Val, I add dried flowers with hot wax. But you must be careful. Wax is very flamable so adding flowers with glue is a better idea...it only takes longer. Let me know how your potpourri turned out.

  5. Dear Gina - It's always a pleasure to see how all your creativity comes together in such a lovely space. Your Christmas tree is a classic — from what material is that colorful chain made?

  6. Dear Mark, Isn't that a wonderful idea, the Lifesaver chain. I have had them for a long time but have recently added a few more strands. They are made of plastic and covered with what looks like sugar. I have to keep little fingers away from them because they look so real. You can find them on ebay. Some are expensive, some are not. Look for them under Christmas lifesaver garlands.

  7. Gina, I agree with you that doing your own thing is lots of fun! Right now, I just wish that there were more hours in each day. All of your ideas and creations are superb.


    1. Dear Frances, It would be nice if you had the luxury of a few extra hours each day. You have chosen very time consuming activities. Make sure you take time out for yourself. ox, Gina

  8. Love your ideas, especially the gold leaf on the candles, and printing your own wrapping paper.I agree that ornaments collected over time have more meaning. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas.

  9. Hello Babs, What appears to be (for some) a difficult task, gold leafing is really quite simple. Once you have taught yourself the craft you will be surprised how often it comes in handy.
    Thank you for your visit. It is so appreciated.

  10. a lovely post. Beautiful images and I love the bright colours. I make home made preserves, I think I will have to get creative with the labels next time! Have a safe and joyous Christmas.

  11. Thank you Jill. And a safe and joyous Christmas to you and your family.
    With computers and printers meaningful labels are so easy to create and so easy to personalise.