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Monday, August 12, 2013

Two for Two

Cucumber Salads.

One for you and one for me. 

Peel and thinly slice cucumbers,
add salt to taste.
Place heavy weight on top of cucumbers and let stand for an hour.
Pour off liquid.

Add a dollop of sour cream and a small amount of sugar to taste.  
place in refrigerator until serving time.

Serve chilled and in crystal dishes. 
These dishes are more than 75 years old.  They belonged to my mother who always served this particular salad in these dishes. 

They are the only treasure I have from my home by the Baltic Sea.


This cucumber dish is Mr G 's favorite. 
Peel and slice cucumbers, pour light vinegar and water brine to cover.  Add salt and hot pepper flakes to taste.

Add onion rings. 
(Wash onion first).

Every time I pull an onion from my garden I am reminded of an evening in the South of France.

Have a great week my dear 
Blogging Friends, 



  1. Dear Gina,
    As i wrote on your lemonade and cucumber post.. I love cucumber. I made a big cucumber salad with feta and tuna last night.
    This recipe reminds me so much of my mother.. she used to make her own cucumbers with vinager and also add onions.. just the same without the sour cream. I tried it with the feta yesterday..so i will definately try this with the sour cream..you are so lucky to have so many cucumbers.. happy week ..val x x x

    1. Dear Val, be sure to notice that there are two different recipes. The sour cream and cucumber salad only requires a little salt, a little sugar and a little sour cream. Be sure to let the cucumbers drain before you add the above ingredients. Let me know if you like this recipe. Thank you for stopping by. ox, Gina

  2. Amazing photos Gina! I love cucumber salad and a juice for my stomach I take each morning. Your salad looks yummy with onions and so fresh, perfect for summer. The ceramic pitcher is gorgeous! Have a happy week.

    1. Dear Fabby, I would love to know more about the juice you make. Is it only from cucumbers or do you add other ingredients. ox, Gina

  3. Your dish of cucumber and sour cream looks delicious and refreshing (but then, I like sour cream with anything!). By the way, did you ever update us on your kitchen tile choice?

    1. Dear Mark, the kitchen counter top question has not been resolved. We still have the rose colored marble tiles. We have decided that the white Carrera Marble will not work with our floors and it is also not practical for this very busy kitchen. Black is my choice but Mr G will not have it. I'm still looking, which is hard to do when you are a long way away from sources. I'm thinking that a dark green marble might work.

  4. Dear Gina - Cucumber with sour cream is my kind of dish especially in this lovely summer weather. My very first taste of sour cream was actually in the USA about 35 years ago. We had a meal which included jacket potatoes filled with sour cream and chives in a place called the Ice House beside Lake Champlain, Burlington.
    I know that those glass dishes will have lots of special memories for you particularly of your mother.
    Love the dish with the fishes on, I am sure it is one of your wonderful creations.

    1. Dear Rosemary, We often have baked potatoes and sour cream. It is a staple around here. If you can find really fresh cucumbers this salad is very crisp and refreshing. You could probably substitute the sour cream with crème fraiche.
      One of my students threw this bowl and painted it. Cindy is quite an accomplished potter.

  5. Gina, thank you for the cucumber inspired recipes. I will bring back some cukes from my next trip to the farmers market, and follow that visit up with a purchase of sour cream.

    May I also tell you how lovely those glass dishes are. How lovely that you can use them and have memories add to the recipe.


    1. Dear Frances, All you will need is one cucumber. The secret is to slice them thinly and let the liquid drain out of them. An upturned plate and a full container (as pictured) will always do the trick of removing most of the liquid. Let me know how you like it. ox, Gina

  6. Dear Gina,
    what a difference a little sprig of dill on a dish can make. I like the version of the cucumber salad with the sour cream. Looks so very refreshing for a summer's day.Have a wonderful week, Sieglinde

    1. Dear Sieglinde, Once you grow dill in your garden it will volunteer everywhere. It is welcome in my garden because I use it for so many things. I even incorporate it into my flower arrangements...it keeps the flower water fresh.
      The sour cream salad, as you say, is refreshing and cooling and perfect for your very hot weather you are experiencing. ox, Gina