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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Making the Rounds this morning

Making the rounds.

Early this morning.

Sunflowers reaching for the sun.

Showing off against the blue sky. 

Clyde, Lola and Hansel are happy.

Do you recognize these?

I make the most delicious pancake syrup from them.

Cosmos are the first to bloom in my wild patch.

Chickens are happy that I'm sharing our garden greens.

No wonder this chard is called "Bright Lights".

Can't wait for the fennel to mature, for the basil to grow some more so we can make pesto, beans will be ready in a week, savoy cabbage has been enjoyed for several weeks, Parsley is ready for drying.

Annual Poppies are popping up everywhere.

Sunflowers make fine bouquets.

Even when paired with vegetables.

Or all by themselves.  

Have a wonderful weekend my dear friends. 

Thank you for your visits.  
Each and every one of you is very special to me.  



  1. Gina, your pictures take my breath away! Jan

    1. Dear Jan, I am so pleased that you like my pictures. Coming from you, an excellent photographer, I am doubly pleased. Thank you for stopping by. Have a great Sunday.

  2. Dear Gina,

    One of the things that I enjoy so much about your blog is that you have beautiful flowers, vegetables and fruit surrounding you throughout the year. Your photographs suggest that you might still have crisp mornings, or at least a lack of humidity. Not so in sunny Florida!

    1. Dear Mark, This is the time of year we really enjoy our area. The nights are cool (in the low 60s) and the days are warm (low 90s). Perfect growing weather for both flowers and vegetables. So, when you come for a visit, we can share in the bounty.

    2. I look forward to that time!

    3. When you show up at our door step that will be a wonderful day.

  3. if this is the middle of an Alfalfa field, you truly are an artist
    Wanda @weekendwanderlust.cc

    1. Hello Wanda, Yes, we do live in the middle of a huge Alfalfa field. We don't even have an official address, which has caused us all kinds of problems. We love it!

  4. I LOVE the sunflowers! Especially when displayed in the gorgeous Majolica vase! Just beautiful!!!

    1. Hello Ann, More than forty years ago I purchased this wonderful vase in Sicily. It was a time when ceramics still could be shipped for an affordable amount. I also love sunflowers. It doesn't take many to make a statement. Thank you for visiting.

  5. Oh Gina, I LOVE each and every one of these! What photo program and editing tool have you used? These are absolutely stunning and they just pop out and show themselves beautifully. Have a great week~

    1. Hello Mary, I use PicMonkey. I use the upgraded version but never use the extra features, although I may one of these days. PicMonkey is very easy, it is very intuitive.. You will like it...maybe you are already using it. The group who designed this program used to be called Picnik.

  6. Simply gorgeous Gina - can I come be a chicken and munch on that healthy looking rainbow chard one of my favorite veggies!
    I love the sunflowers, cosmos, poppies, fruits and vegs………but most of all the hollyhocks! My hollyhock seeds have not done well at all, perhaps next year will be better and they will surprise me. However I do have a nice little aster bush already blooming - thank you. We've had far too much heavy rain - now it's very hot and humid, everything appears to be struggling in the garden except the figs - they are coming along fast and furious! I just love your spot in the country.

    BTW dear, that part of Germany on the northern coast we visited was wonderful - see pics on my blog when you have a moment.
    Hugs - Mary

  7. Dear Mary, Welcome home. I have so enjoyed following you on your trip. Your photographs are superb. No one does it better. You visited parts of the world that not many people get to see. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photographs.

    Because Hollyhocks are bi-annuals they will not do much the first year. But wait til next summer. You will be amazed. Just make sure that they get lots of water. They will decline after the 2nd year so I always try to keep them coming. I am so pleased that your asters are beginning to bloom. When you see them just remember that they came from Lake Maggiore Italy, more than forty years ago. ox, Gina.

  8. Just too beautiful Gina.. How magnificent your garden is.
    Only hard work and love can achieve such a show of flowers and veggies.
    Your geese are so happy there on the lawn.
    I would love to attempt to grow cosmos and some lighter flowers here, but the temp.. reaches high of 40º..in the summer months.
    I have just come in from the garden now.
    Its looking a little sad.
    Your sunflowers a gigantic.. look stunning in your hand painted vase..
    Enjoy the summer Gina.
    Happy days
    val xxx

  9. Dear Val, You are so sweet to leave me such lovely comments. Taking care of property and especially a garden is always a challenge. I think that you would be able to grow cosmos. They thrive in hot weather. We finally had some much needed rain. In the meantime we have been pumping water from our pond. As long as my plants get irrigated every few days they will do well. Because we live in the high desert, some of our plants will suffer, just as your roses have. But they will spring back when it cools down a bit.
    Wish I could send you a big bouquet of my sunflowers for your weekend. ox, Gina

  10. Replies
    1. Hello Beautiful, How nice of you to stop by and visit and leave a comment. I don't know which flowers are my favorites. Sunflowers and Poppies are a good start.

  11. What awesome photos...breathtaking!

    1. Hello Marigene, I am so pleased that you like my photographs. I love taking photos of flowers...they are so accommodating.