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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Mon Bouquet du Jour

Christmas decorations are 

being unpacked at my house.

We cut our tree in the mountains the other day. 

He's cooling his heels in the  Pond.

Have a great weekend my dear friends 
don't work so hard
getting ready for Christmas. 



  1. Dear Gina,

    The panorama from your yard is spectacular! Do those mountains belong to a range with a name I'd recognize? I looked up Utah mountain ranges on Google and found 56 sets!!

    1. Dear Mark, Those mountains you see are part of the Wasatch Range. Of that Range Mount Nebo, the snow covered peak to the right, is the highest peak at 11.900 feet. That range is to the west of our house. In most of my photos, I you will see a mountain range to the east. One of the more prominent peaks is called "Horseshoe Mountain" at 10,500 feet. An interesting book "Life under the Horseshoe" tells fascinating stories about early settlers and their many confrontations with Native Americans. The book is out of print.

  2. Well I got my glass globes and I am going to try and paint a few adornments this week, if my arm heals quickly. Have had a pinched nerve and mostly staying quiet. The large vase filled with your creations is so, so lovely!

    1. Dear Mary, I hope your arm gets well enough so that you can paint a few Christmas balls. Even I had to paint a few a couple of days ago. Just remember to use a lot of paint. Be brave and go for it. You will be surprised how easy it is to make a little masterpiece.

    2. Thank you Gina, I will share later if they turn out well at all. Yours are so, so beautiful!

    3. Dear Mary, You will be surprised how really easy they are.

  3. Dear Gina,
    The other day I held a package of Acrylic paint in my hands thinking that I might try to paint some glass globes. Alas,I put them back on the shelf and grabbed some golden ornaments, ready for the tree. What a great and healthy looking tree you found in the mountains. As always the view from your property is outstanding. I see there is no snow on the ground. How are the Canadian geese?
    Warmest greetings, Sieglinde

    1. Dear Sieglinde, It's all right to have a few purchased golden ornaments on hand but that shouldn't stop you from picking up paints and glass balls just in case.
      We had fun selecting our Christmas tree from the millions of trees in our nearby mountains. We had just enough snow to make it fun and festive. Hope we get new snow for Christmas.
      Those silly geese are still here. They come and go. First they are in the water, then in the fields. Hunters came by and shot at them yesterday but none were hurt. They flew away but have come back today.