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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

We are lucky this year.

Even though the apricot blossoms froze early this Spring, we have, for the first time in many years,  peaches, beautiful peaches. 

We had no fruit last year.  Not even apples, pears or plums.  Everything froze. 

We had grapes.  But a horde of flies came by and in two days sucked every bit of juice out of every grape.  

This year is different.

Even my old roses made it through the cold winter and my Sweet Peas have never looked better.

And peaches, Early Albertas appeared on the trees as if by magic. 

We will have Asian Pears and Apples and Plums and hardy winter Pears.  

The kitchen garden is overflowing.

And we will have grapes.  They are almost ripe and I don't see many flies.

We captured them, by the millions, lured into a terrible smelling trap.  

Have a great remainder of the week. 



  1. How fabulous all your produce, fruits and veggies, look Gina - and the way you have captured them in these photos is just fabulous - artists will want to paint them in the style of the Old Masters.
    Hope the remaining flies you may not have lured into your trap lose their way to the farm!

    Beautiful looking here at your post today, thank you.
    Hugs - Mary

    1. Dear Mary, This had been a good garden year for us. I know that you have had a difficult time with temperatures that were either too cold or too hot. At least you have had a good crop of figs. Maybe your Fall garden will bring a few and wonderful surprises for you.
      My grapes continue to ripen and so far, flies have stayed away. But I'm watching.

  2. Very nice peaches. In Seattle on Pike's market we bought some "Oh my God Peaches" they were amazing.


    1. Greetings Filip. For the name alone one should try your peaches you found at the market. I love the way peaches perfume the entire house when placed in a bowl.

  3. Dear Gina,
    Nature has painted your garden, the fruits and vegetables generously and I love the vibrant colors of your photos. You say that summer is too short in your area, but how rich with abundant gifts for you. Those peaches must taste delicious.
    A warm hello, Sieglinde

    1. You are right dear Sieglinde. Nothing tastes better than fruit and vegetables right from a garden. Often it freezes here in the middle of September. Sometimes we have good weather until late October. Soon we will be harvesting our bounty. It is all so welcome when cold winds try to blow down the house.

  4. How odd nature is in bestowing riches like these truly gorgeous fruits in you photographs. Why this year and not the last?

    I know you will cherish and relish and make great use of all these beauties your garden has produced.

    Next year? Well, that is quite a long time away. xo

    1. Dear Frances, Sometimes I feel like I need to move to more gentler climates. But then Spring comes around and I am planning and scheming about how to improve my garden from the year before. Every year has different and new challenges. When there are more successes than failures, then I feel like it is worth doing all the hard work that it takes to get it right.

  5. A 'still life' delight Gina - how wonderful to have your own peaches - I wonder what you will do with them? Eat them as they are, bottle them, or perhaps make some conserve!
    Our grapes look similar to yours but have yet to turn black, hope we get enough sunshines to complete the ripening process. Tonight we are having a savoury tart made with our figs, strong cheese and eggs, then scattered on top with Prosciutto.
    Love the colours, combinations, and arrangements of your glorious photos Gina.

    1. Dear Rosemary, My mouth is watering just picturing your savory fig tart. It has all of my favorite ingredients. We don't see many figs in our area. They are so fragile that they don't keep in stores so they are not offered.
      I am busy canning peach halves this morning. We have eaten many fresh peaches. There will be some left for a few little bottles of conserve.
      Our grapes are Interlaken and Himrods. They are delicious eating grapes with no seeds and tender skins. They turn a golden yellow when truly ripe. We have a very large crop this year. I don't know what to do with all of them.
      We have a lot of visitors coming in the next few weeks. I will have scissors and brown bags ready for them.

  6. So, so blessed are you this season and more, but Winter was a beast here as well. I have no gardens for produce, or fruit trees and can only imagine the loss. It looks like you are all set for this year though, just gorgeous fruits and vegetables. They and your flowers and all shares are always such a gift to my eyes. Have a wonderful remainder to your week Gina~

    1. Dear Mary, Wish I could send you baskets of fruit, vegetables and flowers. I have plenty to share. Even our chickens are happy with all the Greens I'm tossing over the fence to them. They think that the little cherry tomatoes are for dessert.
      Thank you for your visit and thank you also for leaving such a sweet comment.

  7. Coming from the artist that you are, I am thinking: your still lifes could be framed! I'm wondering if you were able to do those arrangements quickly or if it might take a little while to get the structure just 'right'? Several of my friends at Bridge Club have been sharing their garden produce and I for one have been very grateful. Yesterday, I was given two Asian Pears. These will be a first for me! Ed said they were ripe now, so I will have them with my dinner, tonight! How generous of you, too, to be prepared to share some of the fruits of your labor with your expected guests!

    Washington peaches are in season now, and both my cat and I have been enjoying them daily. So sweet and just perfect!

    Have a great weekend!

    Mary in Oregon

  8. Dear Mary, Nothing is structured in my flower/vegetable arrangements. The best bouquets come from gathering flowers in your hand and dropping them into a water filled container. Taking a photo of them and getting just the right look takes a little longer. I take lots of photographs and hopefully, one or two will turn out just the way I like them.
    I'm always surprised that my Asian Pear tree does so well. I live in Zone 3 where so many plants and trees winter kill. But my Asian Pear always comes through.
    I didn't know that cats like peaches. My sweet dog Lucy loves to pull her own carrots from the garden row. And she likes grapes but I have read that that is not a good idea.