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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Just another morning

at my house.

Now that the ice has left we can let the spring fill our pond again.

Snow on Saturday covered the only flowers I have blooming in my garden.  

They have frozen before, yet Hellebore always come out looking great.  

This time of year my flowers have to come from the store. 

You can just see the table to the left.  That is where I sit and paint. 

Montgolfiere tiles for a new side table...just out of the kiln. 

A couple of weeks ago my old orchids were throwing new spikes.  
They have now opened fully and even surprised me with a new color. 

All reservations have been made. 

 Soon I will spend the day with Maestro Mario of Montelupo, Italy.  
We will paint. 

When not painting or sight seeing I will learn how to make proper home made pasta at the 
Relais Sant'Elena, Bibbona, Tuscany, Italy.  

Wishing you a great week ahead.  



  1. Dear Gina - Hellebores are such forgiving plants taking all that the weather throws at them.
    I shall miss you when you go on holiday, but I know that you will have a wonderful time and have lots to show us on your return. Have a great time - your garden will be full of flowers by the time you return.

    1. Dear Rosemary, When do we get to see your Spring garden? I know that you have so many beautiful and unusual plants in your garden.
      I will probably miss my daffodils. They are starting to show a little color and hopefully, some of the late varieties will still be blooming when I return.

  2. Dear Gina,
    and.......just another beautiful photo of your pond with magnificent background. I never get tired seeing this scene.No matter how bare your landscape still seems to be, you always have lots of color around you.
    Warm greetings, Sieglinde

    1. Dear Sieglinde, You are right, bare it is. By the time we return the landscape will have changed and it will be green as far as the eye can see. It's a good time to leave...there is't much I can do right now except make sure that I get my Sweet Peas planted.

  3. Beautiful photo of your pond with the reflecting (Dutch) clouds in the water. Wish you a wonderful time in Italy!
    Regards, Janneke

    1. Hello Janneke, We get lots of "Dutch" clouds. Because we live in wide open country there is plenty of room for blue skies and white puffy clouds. Thank you for your visit.

  4. Gina, I wish to send you belated Easter Greetings, and to thank you for those beautiful images in your Easter post.

    Now, it's grand to see that the ice is melting, the hellebores survived recent snow, those lovely tiles have emerged from the kiln, and ... that you will soon be in Italy. Fantastic!

    I wanted to let you know that I was recently given a pretty little purple orchid, and so far it is surviving in my apartment. Even some additional buds have blossomed! I am advised to let it have 1/2 cup of water each week. Tomorrow will be my first watering day....


    1. Dear Frances, I am so pleased to hear that you are now the proud owner of an orchid. That the end buds have opened for you is really good news...it means that it has been well taken care of before you received it.
      1/2 cup of water is good if the orchid has no drain at the bottom. My preferred way is to take the orchid to the kitchen sink and let the water run through for a few minutes. Then let drain. Once a week is good.
      Keep your orchid away from high heat or very cold drafts.

  5. As always, no matter the season or the weather - it all still looks like a piece of paradise dear Gina.
    Beautiful new tiles - and your work space is so perfect.

    Know you are getting excited about your trip - meanwhile I'll be waiting patiently for more lovely photos of the places you visit together. Today I'm buying travel insurance etc. for our May trip - always so much to do when planning overseas adventures - but so worthwhile in the long run!

    Love, Mary

    1. Dear Mary, I wish that you were here to help me pack. You do it so well. For many years my Fall wardrobe for Europe has not changed. I could pack my 20 pounds in a few minutes.
      Spring is a little different. And this year has even more challenges. We will try and not draw attention to ourselves. In other words, no cowboy boots for my cowboy.

  6. Your art is exquisite! What a beautiful post! Hugs, Diane

  7. What a lovely comment. Thank you Lavender Dreamer. Hope you have a wonderful week.

  8. Three days of snow here and I don't think most of my flowers will make it....sad, but I enjoyed your hellebores!

    and LivingFromHappiness

    1. Hello Donna, I know how you feel. It's so sad to see your flowers frozen under snow. Have you tried Hellebore in your garden? Mine have survived many, many snowstorms over the years.